New Khitan religion - Yag-Kosha and Yun

Based on the new information about the future of conan exiles ( i´m so exited :D) i have a suggestion.

Why not adding a bit more of the Khitan religions ?

I was really impressed to read the book The Tower of the Elephan and play the story of Yag-Kosha in age of conan.

So maybe in conan exiles, there is a place for him ?

Also for Yun, these guys are crazy dudes :sweat_smile::joy:, reading the future from internal organs, killing pilgrims and so on :D.


For a look into ancient Khitan (modern-day Korean) mythology regarding the dark and light powers and rituals of shamans, I’d suggest watching the supernatural thriller “Mirror of the Witch” on aka “Secret Healer” on I’d imagine the Khitan avatar being being a dualistic ethereal dark spirit/bright spirit, spinning like a yin and yang symbol.

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