New religion for Yamatai/Khitan characters?

Greetings Exiles, I am here to ask for a possible Yamatai or Khitan god to worship. I believe the citizens of Khitai do have their own god (Yun). But as for Yamatai, a new one is best, perhaps maybe a Kami of sorts.

For Yamatai, Here me out:
Hachiman - Japanese god of war.

For Khitai, here me out:
Yun - Khitai God of Underworld
The Khitans hold many strange beliefs and bizarre superstitions. One example is the legend that death must answer any question put to her by a man with courage enough to grasp and hold her. Khitan temples serve as sorcerous schools, teaching knowledge of all sorts. The emphasis on music in Khitan temples suggests some form of shamanism. The worship of Yogah of Yag also indicates that the Khitans like to worship beings they feel are real.

The Khitans believe the universe has three interconnected divisions: The heavens; the earth; and the underworld. Each person has two souls: one soul is forever linked to his descendants and the other goes into the underworld after death to continue life. Much of Khitan worship revolves around ancestor veneration, spirit and demon worship, and blood sacrifices. Khitans believe that any serious request of the gods, spirits, or demons must be accompanied by blood. Also, music plays a large role in their sorcerous religious rites.

The sorcerers of Khitai probably summon to the earth their dark gods to be worshiped in person. In many of the stories, cities founded by easterners have dark gods living in nameless pits. In A Witch Shall Be Born, Salome was educated in Khitai and when she took over Khauran, she conjured up Thaug to put in a temple, conducting sacrificial rituals to appease it. This, with evidence from other stories, indicates an eastern practice of demon worship. As more and more demons are summoned and worshipped, the pantheon grows and becomes ever more complex.

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ok for Yun but hachiman is not from conan …

in this page i think if there may be gods to add but no need because its already 5 altars at one place… that cant even see map anymore… but these are conan religion gods i guess

When it comes to Khitai, they’ve got 999,999 gods. Just pick one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now, as far as Yamatai is concerned, to my knowledge there is very, very little that’s really established in Conan lore other than being an island east of Khitai and ruled by a witch queen. In fact, after some checking, it looks like it’s only mentioned in the comics. From what I can tell, some comics that take place later in that universe’s timeline go into the Shinto gods, but I don’t think there was ever a direct mention specific to the Conan lore or time period.

That doesn’t mean nothing can be done with it. If anything, it just means Yamatai is a big blank, Japanese inspired canvas.

This is about all I could find on it. From Japanese History | Marvel Database | Fandom

During the Hyborian Age, circa 10,000 BC, a civilization called Yamatai existed that had many elements similar to Japanese culture.[3] Conan, early in his youth, encountered a blind warrior from Yamatai, Shimata-Kawa.[4] Conan later faced Nojingo, the witch-queen of Yamatai.[3] Nojingo’s father was Tawaralin Sho. Nojingo summoned the wind demon Vuu-Shiin. Tawaraline Sho awakened Yuro-Jiin, the huge tortoise on whose broad back all of Yamatai was said to rest.

In undefined ancient times (but presumably post-Hyborian), the exiled god Susa-No-O-Izumo, defeated the eight-forked serpent of Koshi. He found a perfect sword in the belly of the dragon. He took this sword to Amaterasu.[6] This sword eventually acquired the name of Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi.[7]


The sword roughly translates to ‘grass cutter’ if anyone’s interested.


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