New kits breaking bows

I’ve added the new weapon kit that adds damage and armor penetration to 2 legendary bows and then put the right into my vault but when I came back to add other weapons I noticed to bows where broken, what the HELL!!

Weapon oils are meant to be temporary. The trade off for the best oils, is that causes the weapon to degrade until it breaks. This is intentional.

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kit <> oil.

I think he means the kit, which reduces the 1500 durability, which destroys every item < 1500 durability.

@aNt-WyZe Your bows were already broken, as soon as you applied that kit.

It was broken on testlive (removing -1200 durability), which got reported and was released even more broken (-1500 durability) later then…

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With latest hotfix on PC the master weapon fitting will add 5 damage + 12 armor penetration but reduce durability with 50%, so it works now although a bit costly :slight_smile:


50% its still 100000000% better than a fixed value (regardless if it is -1200 or -1500).

Thanks for the feedback :wink:

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