New learnable languages

I found 4 little boxes that contain notes that can be used to learn new languages so far.

My questions are:

  • What are those for? Is it not implemented the game yet?
  • And how many did you guys find so far?


I found one in the Unnamed City, on the pirate ship at Buccaneer’s bay, one in New Asagarth and one in Skulker’s end. My next probable locations are: Frost temple, Mounds of the dead, around the pleasureplace of Derketo and 999% in the volcano around the Shrine of the oracle. And of course Sepermeru. Strange, that most of them are capitals, however Skulker’s end is not a capital. I didn’t find a box in the Summoning place.

You can write notes with them that only people who know the language can read. RP items.


So that is what those are for? I need to go figure out how and where they can be placed.

Oh cool. I wondered if that was the point.

I think once you’ve found a particular language chest, and “used” the feat item it provides in your inventory to learn that language, you can then craft a Note of that language at an Artisan’s Table. Like the general Note item in that bench, you will see other Note items related to the languages you know.

If you place one of these language notes on table then, and add text to it, other people who interact with it will not be able to read the text unless they also have learned that language.

Yup, but unfortunately that’s all it does. If someone who doesn’t have the language tries to read it, they are simply shown a screen that says something like “This note is in a language you don’t understand.”

It would be really cool if there was a little bit more to it IMO. Like if someone tries to read it and they don’t have the language then it displays random hieroglyphics or runes or kanji or something that thematically matches the language it’s supposed to be. Or if you can read the language then it displays said hieroglyphics/runes/kanji/whatever using a random message or even a substitution cypher with the original text underneath to function as a kind of “translation”.

I think that would add a whole lot more flavor to this system instead of it being a plain old “you either see the message or don’t” kind of thing.

(For those who may not know what a substitution cypher is, it’s that simple encryption method you often see used for “secret messages” for kids. A = 1. B = 2. etc. That sort of thing. So you know, “12 11 2 3 25 11 4 24 16 25 18 23 21 6 24 3 25 24 5 9 19 4 18 23 11” becomes BESURETODRINKYOUROVALTINE)

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