New map - editable in UE4?

Dear Funcom. I have a very important question. But before I ask them a few words.

I am an admin of the Polish RP server and at the same time a moderator in UE4. Almost all the time I terramitate the existing map for our server and its plot. I know that a new map is coming, and in addition I heard that only after purchasing it will be possible to play on it. (God, please don’t!) Here is my question and the future of my server.

Will the new map be available to everyone? And will it be possible to edit it as it is at the moment?

I wrote that I am using the UE4 Dev kit to edit an existing map.

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There are no details that have been shared other than a new map is being worked on. They will share all that info when their team feels they are ready to, but right now, there is no known info about anything.


Yep, nothing is known yet. Though odds are that in line with current DLC items, it’ll not be editable through the DevKit, and for the same reason: it’d be too easy to create bootleg (pirated) DLC packs disguised as mods.

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