New Map Variety Suggestion

Hey everyone,
since a new map is in the works it might not be to late to make a more Basic suggestion about Dungeon Entrance Placement.
To bring more Variety to servers and Single Player Games the loacations of Dungeon Entrances could be randomized on Server/Game Creation.
This could be realized by having the Dungeon Entrance grouped to a sort of template and when the server starts the first time it chooses a random position of a preset of locations.

This way every server could be different and each single player game aswell. This could also help to break favorite position camping, since one good location on one server might be not a good location on another one.

What do you tink ?

It’s probably okay for some things that are not specific. They could also be a little more restrictive on buildable areas.

The only problem with random is that takes away character from what you are doing. There is a noticeable difference between a rouge-like and a properly designed metroid-vania game. If it has to be random that removes the ability of at least some parts to be unique.

It really depends on how they lay out the lore of the new map too. Could you swap the warmakers dungeon to the unnamed city and the blqcl keep to klaels stronghold and the wine cellar to the barrow, probably. Can you swap the sunken city and the well of skelos, probably not.

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