New Mega Server: Barbaricus

I think you’re missing the fact that OP was being ignorant on purpose and was essentially trolling so we bump his post and wasn’t “getting lynched” :slight_smile:
I don’t believe even for a second that he misunderstood the intention of even the first person who pointed out the mistake, but when multiple people started calling it out and he was asking for “evidence” and ignoring that, it became clear it’s just a comedy show :smiley:
If by some miracle it didn’t start with that intention from the beginning thou, then he is one of the most ignorant people and it was well deserved, but I think it was just for show.

I don’t mind bumping the post thou, I’m all for them being successful in recruiting people for the server. I do think there would’ve been better ways thou, like he could’ve chatted with you about what other mods to install etc or asked people about that. There’s always more productive ways to bump a thread than this :stuck_out_tongue:

No? Here, let me help:

Like I said, people were actually trying to help. But instead, he called us trolls, kept asking for more information, and then rejecting everything.

It’s okay when people don’t know something, that’s why people try to help in general. After 5 years of playing, I still occasionally learn something new about this game from other people on these forums. And yet, somehow, I have managed not to call those people trolls for daring to contradict me.


What ever. This forum can be toxic, and this is how that is rep is earned. No one can be adult emough and say, that maybe the thread got a little poisonous and attack laden and lost focus on how to communicate without coming across as dictators of verbiage.

I agree, although for very different reasons. The toxicity comes from people who can’t accept any feedback without calling people names. Defending that behavior doesn’t help, either.

its one thing to get feedback. It is another to be cornered in by forum vets for a simple termonology disagreement.

Dude, why is it so hard to accept that he literally said “show me why I’m wrong” and we took him up on it, despite being called trolls? And not with any bad feelings initially, either. It looked like a case of someone who was mistaken and wanted to know more.

Like seriously, people who actually play PVE-C a lot look at the post, go “weird, that doesn’t look like a PVE-C server, maybe I should tell him”, and he goes “no, I’m pretty sure this is PVE-C, but feel free to prove me wrong”. I only got involved in the thread in the first place because Funcom’s own terminology is confusing – they have a setting “PVP enabled” which refers exclusively to player-to-player damage, but they don’t classify the server as PVP unless it has building damage enabled. So I thought I would explain the confusion, and we all got called trolls instead.

If I make sure I keep the “Regular” title away from my username, will that stop you from defending people who can’t stay civil in a conversation?

Good Morning Love.
Sorry still not Interested, too much drama

Well, you should. Cultivating ignorance and top it with with stubbornness isn’t a virtue, you know?

I sincerely hope your server fails miserably, because people don’t deserve having to put up with administrators like you.

You made a mistake, others helped you politely and you came back at them holding stones in your hands. Then you got exactly what you asked for.

Those are not the traits of a good server administrator at all and I pitty everyone who decides to join your little adventure…

Someone had to say it, might as well be me.


I am sorry I ruined your life,
I hope you forgive me some time.

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Not as beautiful as you

I love cats. Dogs too. :smile: Just noticed it. It’s very cute looking.

Thanks, her name is Lola and she is a lovely kitty

It’s a she, then. Pet Lola for me, will you? :blush: She looks amazing, @emartinez025 .

Thanks, you want me to adopt you ?

Sorry but could not join your server. U have a rule that u have to join Discord I just want to play your game not talk to everyone or download Discord. Looks like a good game though. Thanks

Hello @bigjohn
I do appreciate your feedback and I am sorry the rules posted don’t go with your style of playing.
I am looking for a way to Identify people that fully Integrate with the community and those who do not.
Also we would need discord to communicate when the server or the mod are going to be updated, If someone needs help with something technical etc. how are they going to ask for help ?

This requirement in particular is going to be changed, to say that we will use Discord to communicate
server events and asking people to Join but it will not be a must.
Your feedback is constructive, and I am listening, I did not think about that, one normally assumes everyone uses discord.

Again thanks,


I would like to take an opportunity to explain something.

1.- My server is not 100% PvP so If I list it as a PvP Server I will be making a mistake and people will be upset.
2.- My server is not 100% PvE so if I list it as a PvE Server I will be making a mistake and people will be upset.
3.- A PvE-C Falls between the two above and it is the best option I have to list the server as.

There are lots of things that have been said here about myself and the server I have that are not entirely correct or simply made up.
I am human, I make mistakes but I am truth to my convictions, and I am really sure that what I’ve explained above is the logical thing to do.
I did also checked that other servers like mine are also listed as PvE-C

At the end nobody wins or loses anything from this, we are here simply because we do love this game and we want to share the experience.

There you go!
Imo you should’ve just started with that :slight_smile:

And yea, those points are fair enough, that’s why I and others suggested above that in advertisements you should simply clarify that, the game will automatically sort it into a category based on how it’s set up anyway so it’s not an issue there.

You could simply say it’s “PvP but with active raiding hours limited to weekday evenings and the weekend” or something like that so people can look at it and immediately know what’s the deal.
Other than that, you already gave a fair description of the server and the mods on it etc, that’s why people could identify that it doesn’t match the label in the first place.

Anyway, good luck with your server!

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