New official servers


will there be new official servers added when chapter 2 releases?

I have not heard any mention of adding new Servers.

Why would you think there would be new Official Servers when Chapter 2 releases?

I Dont think anything, i was just hoping for some fresh starts.

sounds reasonable.

Also, I hope I didn’t come off as condescending when I asked ‘why’, I was genuinely curious.

Back when everyone thought the game was doing pretty good, they ended up merging a bunch of official servers to cut down on the costs. Now that they’re focused on extracting profit much more aggressively, and a lot of people think that the aforementioned extraction isn’t going that well, I doubt they’ll increase their costs by adding more servers.


Simple answer: NO.

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Fresh starts at this point would be server wipes that they specifically said no about.

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In chapter 2 the raiders need a large flat open expanse to set up a camp. How many places are there close to your base that fit the description… that doesn’t have something built on it.

The simple over crowding of the servers is going to make this update moot on PVE.