New purge question

I read that the strength of the purge has a hidden modifier which increases based on how many thralls you have defending? Is this just another mentally unstable redditor spewing nonsense with their gross mishapen alien fingers?

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That is a great question. I haven’t tested it.



That has been my experience and my fingers are human normal, thank you very much.

To wit, we have two purge bases. One is a small team purge base, limited defenders and the number of enemies attacking is less than the full purge base which has, easily, 3X the number of defenders.


This one’s personal experience is that the more defenders a base has, the larger the numbers in each wave of attacker.

When this one plays solo, they are relatively small waves even at high threat, a half dozen or so unless the conscript zerg rush.

When this one has a fully staffed fortress…
The game usual crashes or the majority of the massive waves are invisible due to rendering issues.

This one has not putzes around enough with Merc banners to know if they count towards the defender numbers.


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