New Purge types and ideas

Hello everyone,

I have been hearing around a little about the purge being to easy and such so I thought what kind of ideas we csn come up with that would make the purge more worth it even at end game.

As one idea that i had specifically said was a high level Serpentmen purge that only unlocks after completing the well dungeon that could have a special room to help players understand why. These serpentmen would have armor and would use a large variety of weapons like swords and shields or a bow. Though before closing into close combat they spit a poison attack that gives the crippling poison debuff before they charge into melee range. Finally i am thinking that this purge could odder special rewards like serpentmen or obsidian armor from beating the boss and harvesting the body as this puege will only happen if the player is online.

What does everyone think and what kind of purge types or ideas do you have that you want to share?


I’d suggest a variety of things that could happen in a purge.
Ice Giants hurling boulders to reach high places.
Random pattern small Meteor showers by region.
Thralls with catapults
Sand tornado (not shark)
Flaming volcanic brimstone showers
Night time only, flying bat deamons
Dafari priest with warriors, summons a Yogg
Ice giant shaman summons Ymir


I’m against any Purge event that cannot be effectively fought against by players.

While it’s no secret I’m against the idea of offline purges in general, I realize that’s a lost battle and they’re here to stay - so: Any event must have a “counter” that is somewhat in line with the difficulty or “level” of the area it takes place in. Currently that’s (supposed to be) Thralls.

Any suggestions that couldn’t be defended against with Thralls should come as a pair: Event and Proposed Counter (obviously just IMO).

No, they are not, they just need to pay a consult to Epic Games and get their fecal matter togeter since they showed in the last 2 years that they don’t have the tecnical skill to fix their own game.
Please don’t get with the masses, masses are ■■■■■, they need to fix offline purges because it just shows how incapable they are at coding proper thrall and mobs behaviour.

This is why I opened a thread like this so the community can listen and gather ideas for the purge in order to see if they Developers can take some of these ideas and put them to use to improve the purge as a whole to make the game more fun.

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Purge NEEDS to be adjusted in the following.

Only. Happens. When. Clan. Member. Is. Online.

Reason? I do not care that it destroys my base, could care less. But what is the point of the purge… if you don’t even get to experience it. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


I fully agree. For what it’s worth, that’s a server setting. It’s just that official servers are set to “0” required members online, for some reason that escapes me (well I can guess at reasons, I just disagree with all of them)

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Its not about Purges being easy, its about how long it took until they were fixed (and they havent yet! We are all hoping they will finally start working as intend this patch…)

Some brutal bugs made Purges useless:

  1. Never happen, people simply didnt get attacked in the first months, whenever they got an attack it immediately failed.
  2. On rare occasions Purges kicked in, mobs didnt do damage on structures…
  3. Nowdays Purges do damage, but people are still hardly ever attacked
  4. Keep thralls around is easy, it requires nothing (now they will die with no food), so people have hundreds of thralls now.

Due to months of EZ people have created massive kingdons, with an army of thralls equiped in epic gear… they say the code behind purge targets have been fixed, AI fixed, keeping thralls alive will require food, etc… but all these changes took too long to happen, now players have literally armies at their command with massive T3 bases… no Purges will go through that now.

Purges should never be about strength, they should be about frequency. Funcom should implement something like a “threat meter” each clan/player has, this meter calculated by how large their influence goes. Basically the more you build, the more thralls you have, the more land you have claimed increases this meter. The higher is the player/clan meter the faster the Purge meter should fill.

Players and big clans hit by Purges in a accelerate frequency would start losing control of their abusive number of outposts they have across the map, we all know people like to build everything, even if its a useless small house with a carpenter bench only. Even extremely large clans will start losing some locations because they cant defend/repair everything at this frequent rate, thats how you would make Purges harder, not with strength, with frequency.

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