New rubberbanding issue causing character to freeze during dodge roll animation

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: private pvp na server

I have been playing for about an hour and a half since downloading and installing the latest patch a (ps4/private server) and have experience 4 separate instances of severe rubberbanding after rotating my camera across placeable object with inventory (fish traps, fluid presses) which then resulted in getting stuck/frozen halfway through the dodge roll animation. After anywhere from a few seconds to half a minute, I complete the animation and I am able to walk about freely with rubberbanding. These are totally new issues that I have not experienced on this server prior to this patch. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Has it already been addressed by Funcom?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Look over a placeable object (fish trap, fluid press) with inventory
  2. Lag spike into rubberbanding
  3. Dodge roll and crouch to try and break free of rubberbanding
  4. Get stuck in dodge roll animation
  5. Wait short amount of time to complete dodge roll animation
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