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So playing this game for 2 years…and maybe the issue with OFFICIAL PVP is the clan system. this allows groups to much ease in killing off servers. SO what if some of th edead servers were changed to SOLO only PVP officilal. Here are my thoughts and why.

Helps to removoe the UBER thralls, as friendly fire would be non exisitent, and your thrall could kill an allie during a raid, vs now, where 10 people can bring 10 Uber thralls,and not worry about crossfire.

Removes the ability of 10 people to over build and spam server with claim blocking because now each player would have to refresh thier own base, and blcokcing could hurt an ally.

Remvoes the aility of 10 people to control one obelisk by blocking it. If a player blocked an obbie, then all allies would be “hurt” as well…meaning, the one player would have to play toll booth operator to not upset their allies all the time.

Players would not be able to store massive amounts of allies wuppllies, because the only access is the player logging in to get it for them in a time of need.

Would have to do all the building and thrall leveling yourself.

That’s it… Farming would be unaffected, as one could easily farm and give materials to each other. Even break thralls and “trade” them.

Would have to worry about decay if they go on vacation longer than decay timer.

Just my thoughts…


Very cool, no clan, just solo PVP!
You should put at least one test server. I bet it would work and there would be several others.


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I regret that I can only like this one time…

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There are actually a lot of private rust servers where you have such a limit. SOLO only, DUO or TRIO only. I have tried them and really liked the feeling of balance.

It is still difficult in rust to screen for the admins if several people are teaming up for roaming or raiding, but Conan Exiles does not have this problem, since the follower is so powerful and will not accept teaming.

I am wondering how this idea has not been brought up before??


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