New setup for PVE-Conflict server


This suggestion would resolve many issues related to performance, bugs and overall server costs.

  1. Instead of daily PVP time, we change it for 24 hours player vs player - without losing items (lot body off) ;
  2. Allow once a month a raid time (I.e.: last weekend of the month - raid time that lasts from 11PM Friday til 5pm sunday) lot body on.
  3. The remaining time of the month, no body can lot benches nor attack players base, but conflict between players are allowed at any time.

My assumptions suggests that, players that keep building walls to block passages and annoy players in the game will be able to receive a reaction from the server community, it will increase the overall performance of the server since things will be destroyed.

Most of the players that are at PVE-Conflict are middle aged (30ish) and work during the day, that is why they cannot play on PVP server because of the constantly raid period of the server. This is my own perception of the players in my server. PVE-Conflict server are currently being used by players who loves the game, however, cannot face PVP time, and in the south American region, most of the PVP servers are emptied, the only reason is because players loose their items, houses etc by the dominating guild that is present at that server.

I believe if the PVE-Conflict server maintains such a configuration would be a much more rich conflict environment and would allow players to farm and be prepared for a very massive fight at every last weekend of the month, giving a much larger satisfaction for the lovers of CONAN EXILES.



You can do this with custom server settings already.

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