New shade coming back

Hey guys, recently come back and making a shade this time round. I’ve heard Nippys are amazing for shades but cannot find any…anywhere…what do the sell for currently?

They are indeed amazing, however the last time I saw one being sold it was for 1b. The good news is they can be skipped and you won’t suffer too much while leveling. Once you get to Sector 7, the Special Edition Kyr’ozch Rapiers have amazing damage. Nippy johns also have a MBS of only 1000 which makes them useless after a certain point.

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Okay cool thats good to now :slight_smile: ill stick with one typed 992 kyr in one and a normal in the other until then i guess :slight_smile: Damage seems to low compared to other classes that can equip ql200 peren weps and enfs with chirops/cleaver but ah well, guess my time will come closer too 200

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

Shades damage is 80% perks at end game, don’t worry about it and just level up.

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Feel like ive just been tweeted by a celeb lmfao love your vids Caloss! Thanks for taking time to reply :slight_smile:


You’re welcome :slight_smile: