New shade - where to hunt for spirits at lower levels

As the topics says. Where can I hunt for spirits at level 10-50? Is there any good place in Nascence?

Just kill monsters that has a level around the QL you want your spirits to be in and use Spirit Siphon every time it is off cooldown.
If you’re planning to farm spirits for an alt with a highlvl toon, you can use this list:

Level 10: Temple North of Jobe Bridge
Level 30: From misty forest, run west across the bridge, and zone into research, then follow the left wall south till you see the spirits.
Level 50: Enter the swamp from the unredeemed portal and turn right. follow the wall until you come to a fairly large pool of water. In the water is a little tower with a black door.
Level 50-65: Dungeon on the Southwest side of the core.

Level 70: Lake in East Elysium
Level 80: By the Redeemed town in East elysium
Level 80ish: Scattered near Ergo’s Cave
Level 80-90ish: Before the Lethe Dungeons
Level 165ish: Dungeon just SE of the yuttos camp in Central Elysium

Level 90-110ish: All around Necropolis/Ergo and the Mausoleum in NE Scheol
Level 100-110ish: Before the Lethe Dungeons

Level 120-135ish: Saccelum, north of the west brink
Level 130ish: Before the Lethe Dungeons

Level 150-165ish: Northeast Penumbra
Level 160ish: Before the Lethe Dungeons

Level 195-205: Yuttos marshes and Spirit Dungeons in Redeemed/Unredeemed temples