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I was able to extract from the video of the Saga Blood the new vanity that we are receiving as the goal of the Saga, I am definitely disappointed by this design, but this is my taste and personal opinion.

This is a result of liberals whining about sexploitation of fictional toons in bikini armor. Sad!

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Bad joke :-/

what I do not understand is how to make mistakes to make the gear in a game like Age of Conan, hell is a barbaric world you have to draw little.
A thong, a skull-shaped shoulder strap and you’re done, a bronze pectoral Greek-Roman style for soldiers why lately I seem to see the armor of Japanese cartoons???

we need more this:

and this 3860256-1397223296360a

while you are making Age of Conan so:


Could not agree more even so i think despite the taste , last vanity sets are artistically relatively poor done. This game misses basics like a skull helmet with Horns :sunglasses:


Not gonna lie, but that armor looks pretty awful.

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I want a skull helmet with horns so bad!!

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me too :frowning:

Also more bikini armor for the ladies! Sometimes less is more!

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You are absolutely right, especially in AoC, less is more, guys loot these amatoria action figures inspired by AoC:

this pom is wonderful:

NSFW Image

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The figure in the picture wears a robe that looks very similar to the T4 thousand blossoms set (chest piece), the one thing that annoys me about the set in game is the huge neck piece, it clips through most hair styles and looks very out of place, the overall armor also looks very “bloated”, it makes it almost impossible to wear other pants from different sets because you will have a big upper body but very small legs.

I didn’t really like the first saga set and the one we can get now isn’t really my taste either but at least it’s possible to buy PvP vanity caches now… but of course we have to buy item shop lootboxes to get them. Why don’t they make them available for a certain amount of relics / campaign badges and so on.
Once the servers merge I might be able to buy some but they will be totally overpriced again, probably like 200 - 400 gold for one set.

I am also a big fan of more realistic (realistic in a sense of fitting into the games setting) and simplistic looking armors, all the T4 sets (besides the golden chain / pearl chain pieces from the ToS / PoM sets) for example look weird and again, very out of place in some cases, take the T4 prot helmet for example. They are too “over the top” with all the bright colors and weird design. Most T3 sets compared to them are lightyears ahead in terms of style. The DT set with that awesome spartan helmet for example, or what about the ToS set, so much gold and jewelry, just like what a noble stygian person would want to wear.

The 2nd figure on that website got a really awesome armor, I wish this would be in game. It’s probably the most perfect example of a good looking, realistic and simplistic armor.

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I could not agree more about everything you said!!!

I just wish I could get all Khitai gear as vanity sets from a merchant. Is that so hard to ask for??