New thrall irregularities in health per vitality point formulas

Not knowing intentions for thrall variation with the patch, I observed some irregularities in the new formulas for health points per vitality, as follows:

Dalinisa Snowhunter - 77.4
Beastmaster Teimos -232
Ssss Flickertongue -83.6
Janos -110.2
Mei the Blade -109

Here we can see that Forgotten Tribe and Votaries are taking a big (oversized?) hit in the forumla, where Beastmaster Teimos probably was unintentionally left with a relatively high health per vitality ratio. Also not sure the Nordheimer was intended to have a stronger formula than the Cimmerian and Votaries (but not than the relic hunters), as seen below).

Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker 4 fighter - 128.6
Seeker Iris (relic hunter 4 fighter purge) -105.6
Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker 4 archer -102.9
Lissa o’the Longbow (treasure seeker 4 archer) -66.3

Here, notice that the named relic hunter archer 4 has a much lower health per vitality than the relic hunter treasure seeker archer 4 (66.3 to 102.9), which seems particularly strange. Also, the relic seeker purge fighter has a lower rating in this formula compared to the relic hunter treasure seeker fighter (105.6 to 128.6)

Overall it seems the relic hunters (other than named archer) were buffed in vitality forumula where the votaries and forgotten tribe cimmerians were mightily slashed in this regard, not sure those are intended comparatively? But the result will be that easier to find relic hunter treasure seekers will be rounded up for thrall armies, while even named purge thralls from the higher end zones may not be bothered with.

On a related note:
Hyborian Bearer III -393
Eina the Light (bearer 4) -235.86

Here we can see that bearer 3’s still are getting more health per vitality point than bearer 4’s, this seems a clear error rather than intended values (comparatively).

Anyway just making some observations about formula changes that seem odd, relatively between the different factions. The concept of weakening thralls overall being a separate issue than the specific variations observed here. Generally I question whether formulas for vitality per health should vary soooo much, if at all, between types of thralls? Besides observing particular seeming irregularities, particularly comparing a name 4 relic hunter archer to a relic hunter treasure seeker archer.


I actually noticed that from live to testlive, my relic hunter fighters had more HP in testlive with the same stats and gear. Funky.

It just sums up, that who ever made this nerf, had not so much clue and was just looking at some database numbers and reducing them… Then forgot some (RHTS) and some make no sense.
Nothing else expected at this point anymore.

Devs who dont play the game in any normal sense and are just looking at some numbers, trying to balance it on crying players feedback. Yeah, what could go wrong…

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The differances in hp pr vit is allready ingame. Allways thought it was a hidden gem for us thrallers who farm more than the meta thralls.

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True, but these changes in those formulas are outright reversals in some cases, for instance Cimmerians used to have a high health per vitality ratio (162 health per vitality, now down to 77.4 for Dalinsia at least) whereas Relic Hunters had the worst (89 health per vitality, now UP to 128.6, at least for relic hunter treasure seekers). It just seems that the changes here are not reducing health 1/3 generally and actually will boost the overall health for some thralls (treasure seekers, I am looking at you). So seems off, at least based on stated goal, new irregularities in the health per vitality forumas that are virtual flip flops on some races. So thought I’d point them out, unsure of what is intended or some glitch here :slight_smile:


While it may be working as intended, these changes really should be checked by a developer.

Lower “tier” thralls from the same faction having higher health than Live right now doesn’t seem like it’s working as intended.

Vitality nuked on Heirs of the North vs. Relic Hunters doesn’t seem to be working as intended, either.

Hey there,

We’ll send this feedback to our team so they can keep it in consideration.


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