New thralls, Thrall mechanics, thrall structures

Hey guys i’ve been playing this game since official release and i’ve noticed that thralls are fairly lack luster despite the fact that they are a major part of life. However many of the thralls don’t work as well as they could or there are things that are missing so i am going to list some new stuff for thralls starting with station thralls.

New thralls

Brewmaster. These thralls go on fermentation barrels and fluid presses to make them work faster and with less cost.

Fisherman. These thralls are placed near fish baskets and crustacean cages to grab more fish as time goes by and provide more slots in the inventory. Not actually placed on the basket but placed like you would an archer or warrior.

Beekeeper. These are placed near by hives like fishermen and make behives produce more honey and hold more honey than normal.

Sentry. Extremely hostile thralls that wander around your claimed area and attack things that do not belong such as rabbits or players for example and cause near by thralls to become hostile as well.

New thralls mechanics.
Thralls need to work differently for example thralls take a very long time to become hostile toward a player that wanders close to a home for some reason in pvp. Also if a player was to attack a thrall with a bow from a certain range the thralls just stands there. Thralls should seek cover in this case making it impossible to farm them from range. Another thing would be that thralls fight in a more coordianted manner. Such as shield thralls keeping creatures away from archers and attempting to hold aggro from whatever they are attacking while the archer fires over their shoulder or from the side.

New thralls structures.
Right now thralls are just placed on crafting stations and don’t do much else. While archers, Warrior and dancers are placed wherever you want. This is all well and good but how about adding special structures for these thralls as well. For example.

Archer towers. Towers with multiple thrall spots that are filled with you guessed it archers! These archers would have higher ranger and would attack the same target in unison until multiple targets entire the range and then one or more start to shoot at the other target.

Guard stations. Warriors could be placed here to wander between set routes around your home and defend it rather than standing in place. Rather than being mostly neutral these warriors would go well out of their way to attack and run off anything that came near their set path and they would also carry torches around showing that they are infact guard thralls.

Murder slits. Special building pieces much like a window these are placed on houses and buildings and have a single slot for an archer who will guard a fairly narrow location infront of the murder slit.

These are just some ideas me and my buddies have been throwing around and would like to see. I’d love to hear from everyone else and see what they have to say on the matter.


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