New update, constant crashes

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Ever since the latest update the game is constantly crashing. We play four player co op on a dedicated server and we can’t go forty five minutes without one of us dropping. Whatever you did with the latest update, please undo it.
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3.go to do something cool

Hi @Tulikk, are you aware if the crashes you’ve been experiencing have been preceded by a specific action, such as opening the inventory or engaging in combat?

Have you tried loading up a singleplayer session before joining the dedicated server, or to reinstall the game to ensure that the crashes were unrelated to any issue with the patching process?

Hey, thanks for the reply! I have noticed that going into inventory for a torch tends to trigger it. But it also seems to be on a timer. No matter what we’re doing or where we are it’s forty five minutes until one of us drops and after that it’s like dominos. Him then her then him then me and quite often when we’re in precarious places. Do I seriously have to reinstall the game? This was NOT a problem before the latest update.

Why did you not learn your lesson from two months ago when the “update 41” was a failure on pc? Why did you release the “update” if you know its broken? Why isn’t building decay turned off because of this? Why did you enable avatars during such a calamity? Why are you pushing the broken “update 41” to PS4 when you know its broken? Why does Ignasis reply to pre “update 41” PS4 customers on Reddit but doesn’t reply to anyone on here? Why am I about to lose hundreds of hours of time and resources because of your mistake? Thanks

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Tell em Ivor! Tell em the Truth! Because soon the “Stockholm Syndrom Army” will come and say its our fault and funcom isnt making anythong wrong. Btw love your Posts you are not alone. Most People who think like us are just simply quit the Game. This Game is in a state where getting my Money back from funcom should be an option!!!

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