New weapon: Staff

I’ve seen this weapon pop up before in other threads for new weapon additions, but now that the spear weapon light attack chain is getting completely changed I think now would be a good time to add the staff as a fighting weapon in the game. The light attack chain the spear used to have would be perfect for staff and you could change it up a bit by making it a faster weapon but at a sacrifice of damage, since most two handed weapons are pretty slow.


Yes, I remember someone suggesting staff weapons before and I said the spear move set already worked like a staff. Now that the spear is a spear, staffs would no longer be redundant.

I am not sure we need a staff though just because there is an opening for it, it would need to have a reason to exist too. And I think a concussive weapon with reach could be that reason. While a staff could kill someone, I think incapacitating them is more realistic and I would probably use a staff for thrall clobbering if it existed.


I’d advocate we add it in just for the sake of variety. Having npcs try to beat me up using different weapons makes the game more varied.

I’d suggest some flexible weapons like a flail or a whip thing but that might be messy in terms of physics so maybe not.

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I think there is enough variety already for standard damage, especially with two new weapon types being added.

I’d prefer a new concussing weapon type. Currently the truncheon is the only unique concussing weapon. The blunted arrows, javelins, and Lovetap are all just standard weapons that happen do concussing damage.

Hypothetically speaking, it could serve as the often requested two handed concussive weapon (ie-two handed Truncheon). Just some food for thought.


I like the idea of adding a quarterstaff as a two-handed concussive weapon using old spear light combos. That way it wouldn’t turn into the AOE damage weapon the greatsword is supposed to be, nor would it steal the spear’s position as the reach damage weapon.

Staves could also come in a variety of materials, from simple wood/branch staves to shaped/insulated wood and oil (maybe with metal caps for extra resource cost) to fragments of power.


I really want a whip now… but that range might be hard difficult to balance.

Flail would be great too.

Hell. I just want more weapons.

Maybe even Shurikens?


Cool idea, particularly for use as a two-handed truncheon. Perhaps lower concussive damage than the standard truncheons, but with the benefit of a broader attack area. I think it would be an interesting addition.

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Yep the Quarterstaff is essentially what I was trying to get at. Although I have also seen a variant with two rounded balls (blunt fittings) on each end. Much like the blunted arrows. This could also be used for aesthetic purposes if necessary.

Oh and I love the idea of using the old Spear light attack animations, they just read ‘staff’ all over!

Yeah Ive requested a Whip and Flail/Morning Star before too Candle. In addition to a Scythe. :smiling_imp:

Ps- I have one more killer idea for a whole new class of weapons none of us (to the best of my knowledge) has thought of yet, coming in my final suggestions list… :soon:

Kusarigama :star_struck:

No, I rather staffs be a sorcery weapon.

Possibly a disarm move? :slight_smile:

people have been asking for a long truncheon… perhaps the staff could function as one?

With the way sorcery would work, considering Conan lore, a staff is more often than not unnecessary for sorcery, so it would make the staff extraneous, or borderline useless if that were the case, adding it as a melee weapon would see it get far more use.

Or if Funcom using corruption as a resource for sorcery. Have staffs corrupt you faster.

There is no reason staffs couldn’t be implemented as thrall clobbering weapons now, and then whenever sorcery comes around, there couldn’t also be a legendary staff (or more) that somehow enhances your sorcery.

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Quarterstaves have existed as close combat weapons for thousands of years in a world where no sorcery has been confirmed to exist. There’s no reason why you couldn’t whack people with a heavy stick.

(Funny detail: In Runescape, you used to be able to use staves as melee weapons in addition to casting spells, but they were changed to only spellcasting weapons. It was kinda silly, because some of those staves even looked like they were specifically designed to murderize people.)

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