[Newbie Fixer] RK2019

Hi all. I am playing an opifex fixer, currently level 38 and i was wondering if anyone has any tips, tricks or suggestions for playing this class? Thank you in advance!

I don’t know fixer as a class, but it seems likely
Is a good place to start.
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One of the best Fixer guides: Ye Olde Fixer Guide


It’s old & aimed at froobs but the basic info is great for both paid & froob.

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some things are here too… but mainly stolen from the other older guides :slight_smile:

A thing I can suggest would be to resist spending your hard earned on Grid Armor before GA4. Grid Armor is nice but its not the be all and end all of your ability to do things… save the available funds for other important things or GA4. GAs that fall into your lap… thats a different story! :smiley: