Newly Made 7x7x5 base disappeared

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Asia]

Today I finished building up a samll base just for training thralls in a Wheel of Pain. Done making it, foundation and all, no walls used, just pure foundation with the outer side covered in fence foundations for extra protection. I logged out. After about 5 hours I logged back in and it’s gone.

EDIT: I built it just outside Sepermeru near the ghost fence. There were other structures around but those are still up.


Could the server have rebooted and possibly done a short rollback as it rebooted? I can’t think of many other reasons for this to have happened.

I actually have no way to test these on buildings but if it did revert back I still have my inventory from after I built the thing.

Very odd then mate, not sure what else to say. If your inventory (including the T4 Taskmaster have gone) then clearly something has happened to your building. Rationally, there aren’t many reasons for it be no longer there:

1, Purge took it out when you went offline
2, A corruption in the database after a reboot, deleted it
3, You were raided by someone who wanted to destroy the entire building
4, A clan member playing a joke on you
5, Server admin removed it for some other reason

After being an admin on my own server for the past year, buildings don’t tend to just vanish whilst everything else around them are fine. If anyone else has any further possible causes, please speak up.

I’m playing on PVE so damages to buildings by other players shouldn’t be possible.
And as I mentioned in my first post, there were other structures close to mine that weren’t damaged.

I’m actually close to giving up on this game due to bugs like all my inventory missing, my body disappearing and losing my inventory for the second time, structures disappearing and the devs just nerfing everything for single players.

I feel your pain and you’re not alone mate.

We run our own PvE-C server which has a great community and 3 active admins who play the game too and help out when issues arise such as yours. You’d be welcome to come and join us before giving up. Find us in the server list: ( The Isle Of Pit )

Many of us are just biding our time until the game gets fixed.

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I know this wont account for the entire base disappearing but was any part of the Wheel on a wedge foundation? I have lost multiple storage cupboards because they were on a wedge foundation.

I do wonder what people are doing to lose their buildings… (not blaming you, but from a diagnostics perspective, its not happening to everyone, so there must be some variables).

But I only ever lost stuff on the big patch and well, felt that was self explanatory. But of my entire clan, myself, and 5 close friends that play this game, nothing outside of a patch, purge, or PvP, or clan mate tomfoolery, has ever gone missing (and we actually play on a public server). My private server only has ever lost things to a patch.

Sep is a no build location in a lot of ways, but if you have other buildings inbetween where you built and sep, that shouldn’t be the cause.

Nah, it’s literally just a square building. I had a friend lose stuff too because their benches overlapped on foundations too.

I noticed too that close to it now is a now build zone - I think this came with an update which didn’t allow building in a lot of places now. But it was a bit far off the first gate, just a few clicks away from the south gate.

It was a bit funny too as not one foundation block was left and I’ve seen T1 buildings get rekt by a Purge in Mounds of the Dead and there would still be some part of the buildings that would remain. But this one was like “poof” - it’s gone!