News or improvements *constructive criticism* (the truth hurts)

since in consoles there are no options or improvements as in a PC.

1* They set up a table to change appearance. (Taken from MoD)
2* Many more Colors (Also copied from mod)
3* new animations * equip or unequip weapons * (mod)

and other Supposed improvements. All based on MODs created by the Community …
It is so difficult to add others such as:

1* In this fantasy world there is the possibility to include Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and other playable races. The island has many things similar to LOTR. including something in the style would attract a lot more people. The game despite its errors is improving a lot, although you dedicate yourself to copy MOD.

2* I would invite you to see Twicth of ROL Servers and with MOD you would learn a lot and even how the community itself fixes simple BUGs that today in the Officials are still active.

NOTE: sorry for being so critical, but I have been playing CONAN for more than 3 years and the Private servers with MOD work better than the Official ones … Something is past. It is assumed that a company hires Expert workers and not Its users are Experts. Who gets paid then?

Not gonna happen, non-human fantasy races like elves and dwarves and orcs simply do not exist in the world of Conan.


oks, but tower, mordor, and other… :smiley: is funny

I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t even be allowed by the license they have with the copyright owners of Howard’s work.

Also: I’m personally against it :slight_smile:


Since I’m a huge Tolkien fan, I have to ask: what in Ilúvatar’s name are you talking about? I love Tolkien’s work even more than Howard’s, and they’re nothing alike. And the Isle of Siptah’s only similarity to anything in the Lord of the Rings is that it has a big black tower.

Now, on to the main point:

You know what would attract even more people? Snipers and assault rifles! And grenades and ATVs and maybe even mech suits!

Seriously, Call of Duty is a much more popular game than Conan Exiles, but I didn’t want to play CoD, I wanted to play Conan Exiles. The fact that Conan Exiles is not yet another Tolkien-derivative is an integral part of its appeal.

I usually try not to offer this advice, because it sucks, but if you really want a Tolkien-derivative, either play a different game or play Conan Exiles on PC, where you can leverage mods.


As was posted. Officials will always be limited to the license. As well as if they officially introduced something too similar to Tolkeins work, rest assured that license groups lawyers would be contacting Funcom for some royalties. Hence why Red Sonja is absent from the game. Different licensing.


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