Next content patch?

Maybe… dont like the current CM. Was really happy with last years one.

And thats not personal… So I dont dislike the person. Its just the atmosphere and all the other things around it.

Edit: Oh, i saw Alex is back. Heck yeah, then I will watch it.

Says who? You? You have that knowledge from where? Fucnom told you? Otherwisel I dont care about that.
I saw what that one guy did to that PvE server I play… Playing was fine all the time. FPS is now a lag fest, because of his insane bases (which are 90% arena foundations)

Also alone from the pictures of the thread, I see that you need more space for basically NOTHING NEW.
But then Funcom wants to add thrall-limit, because “server performance”? But creating bigger stations for nothing new, is improving server performance or what?

These magical benches…

The exact same logic applies to your claim. Did Funcom tell you that using a few more foundations will have a significant impact on the server performance?

And, of course, it’s definitely the foundations. It can’t be the pets or thralls he has, or the chests, or anything else. It’s definitely the foundations because you said so. Or because Funcom told you.

And they still haven’t enabled it, which is really frustrating to those of us who play on servers bogged down by unlimited pets and thralls.

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