Next (cosmetic) DLC should be free for those who bought the Barbarian Edition

It seems fair to me :no_mouth::no_mouth:

(English is not my mother tongue, sorry :confounded:)

Is it the Aquilonian DLC?

But why? What justifies that you get free content?

Because, The Barbarian Edition it does not provide any content for the game.

I mean another cosmetic DLC

you knew ahead of time what you were getting with the “Barbarian Edition” …

And? How does that prevent additional content from being added?..
It’s just a suggestion.

LOL its not a very well thought out suggestion…

sorry but you got what you paid for… try this in another market… go to McDonalds… order the BIG Breakfast Meal… and then look at the lady and say… you know i got the BIG breakfast meal… I should get some extra free sausage as well… maybe another hashbrown?

you got what you paid for mate… just to ask for other stuff for free … FOR THAT package is just silly… your already getting more free content when they release patches in the next year or so… just wait… that 500 item patch is going to hit any day now…

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