Next patch forecast?

Hello, so what is the estimation for the next pc patch? does this future patch will correct the exploit of undersmeshing (i know that it’s worked on)

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They should add stuff from test live,
So bow rework and katana
But its more update than patch

Bug fixes are tested at test live, so them comes next, if u want know what exactly which one look at test live patch notes

Cant garauntee they add all fixes, some Maybe needs rework, its reason of test live

Only questions is when update comes

Yeah when is the update coming?

It will be released soon, but the new features still have some bugs and other sorts of things to iron out.

Meanwhile, as Jens said in today’s stream, Funcom will be working until around December 21st. So there will be progress made on getting TestLive ready for live, don’t worry :wink:

  • We plan to Patch PC/Xbox and PS4 early next week with the Build that is currently on TestLive. This means the Katana, the archery changes, auto-mod updated as well as a lot of bug fixes.

Well I have Monday and Tuesday off work, so my money is on the patch rolling out on Wednesday.

Hey there!

The PC patch is out already, with the PS4 patch rolling out at 13:00 CET and Xbox One at 14:00 CET.
You can take a look at the massive Patch Notes here if you like!


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This right here is why I don’t gamble.


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