Nightstand suggestion

People keep losing stuff when they log off. Funcom suggests removing all of their stuff and putting it in a chest before logging out. Most people don’t because it is tedious to remove everything and put it back every time.

So I am suggesting adding something like a night stand. Have it basically take all the items in your inventory, equipment slots, and quick use bar and store it like a chest would with a single button press. Then after logging back in, if you have nothing in your inventory currently, have it put all the items back into the slots where they were taken from with a single button press.


It’s a paradox, but probably it’s easier to implement your idea than to debug the original issue, so why not ? :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Might actually work to circumvent the issue in question. What other implications would this type of an item come with?

It’s a great idea if it can be coded properly without being buggy and not running afoul of the random, premature decay issues myself and others have been reporting. :wink:

Another approach (and I feel like I saw this in a mod) would be to have armor stands where the interact function has one command to swap all armor onto and off-of the mannequin, and another to do this plus the hotbar slots.

In this way, we could not only display our cool gear, but have pre-made loadouts that we could quickly swap in and out of. Sort of a 2-birds-1-stone solution.

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This could be even better, if I am to be honest.

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