Nimble Tumbler Question

Okay so Nimble Tumbler

Heavy + Nimble Tumbler = Medium roll
Medium + Nimble Tumbler = Light roll
Light roll + Nimble Tumbler = ???

Dose having Nimble Tumbler with light armor do anything?

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Hah! Good question. Probably not. Us light armor guys get screwed in games all the time. Dang whiny heavy armor wearers… “waaah! I can’t move in my 200lbs of armor!”.


… no one wears Heavy Armor, except for thralls.

I use heavy armor. I beat light armor people too. I’m just curious if the perk give light armor anything.

I have wondered this myself for the longest time. :eyes:

It gives light armor users an opportunity to try bits and pieces of medium armor.


Which you can do anyway and still have light armor type :smiley: (yes, not all, but some pieces).

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1m and 34s

Watch the heavy armor guy very closely. :slight_smile:

once you are hit, you are dead in heavy armor.


With 40 agility you get light roll in light armor, since there exists nothing “lighter” in the game.


Dude you wreck. Nice video, perfect demo.

This is a montage of you landing death blows. I’m not seeing anything that tells me how the fight actually went down. I’m not doubting skill necessarily. I have no idea how skilled that guy was. He was there and then dead. I’ve seen fights that last over an hour and fights that last 5 seconds.

That’s actually a montage that deserves to be backed by * Dr Dre’s Let Me Ride instead of the Roy Jones Jr ring entry. Good, good action, OG talent. The Silent Legion guy swims upstream and shovels against the tide. Everybody else in nappies or mid combos does fine.

* NSFW link for the song

I congratulate you for the skills, good moves, it’s a pleasant video to watch.

I want to talk about a thing that pushes Conan Exiles away from its origins, the comics, and by that is being able to put placeables instantly without any delay, and to adress that, I only imagine the implementation of emotes to grab or put things like Explosive Jars, would solve the spam problem at least, while letting the explosion and flashy visuals for Siege and Sorcery.

I know its effective, and thats why ppl use, nothing against with it, but I think its common sense that we would like the game to be more Medieval right? So since we’re getting more and more emotes with the updates, I am sure it wouldn’t hurt some itens have an Emote on putting it on the world for balance sake.

Being a march video, I wonder how’s the combat pvp nowadays, are there more ppl using the other weapons or its basically 90% spear and the other 10 axe, greatsword, hammer, claws?

Nice video. A few things i noticed, that there are jumps when you are at @10% health to new fight, and the quick swap cancel damage. I think in the last patch, or the one upcoming they fix this. Wondering if you have noticed anything. I know it is a part of meta fighting. Animation cancel to allow for restarting a combo quicker is always one of my pet peeves. I understand (even appreciate) the skill to do it, but i feel it cheapens the weapons and melee a bit into pure twitch game play and removes the intended risk of doing combos. That accompanied with macros is why i don’t like PC pvp games.

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also, is this a mod or pc thing with the stack numbers?

It’s a highlight reel, he doesn’t have to show his own death. :ghost: The understanding is there, I actually went “AWWW” on the video…

I think he’s playing on a Pippi server. Personally I’m in both your camps re twitch players: in the current game modus there’s a “way to play.” Dave seems to demo the flaws pretty well. Better than I can, anyway. The last time I had a fight it was with a LVL 20 troll.

that makes sense. but also skewers anything once it is known to be on privates. This means the results are not necessarily applicable across the intended game. Not that his skills aren’t impressive, but always like to know as many facts as possible. It would answer my next question, in that what stats he is running, because the hot bar alone is 140+ lbs of enc. And i understand he wouldn’t show his deaths. Was just wondering if he survived some is all :slight_smile:

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