No Benefits T1, T2, T3, T4 Sorcerer

When it comes to Sorcery, the only workbench for a Sorcerer is the Thaumaturgy Bench.
But it doenst matter if we put a Tier1, Tier2, Tier3 or even a Tier4 named in the Thrall Slot.
No benefit in Crafting Time, Ingredients costs … nothing. No Different.

So, of course, it makes no sense to find high-tier sorcerer thralls.



I have been wondering about this.
Currently, we are in the first Age of Sorcery.
As I understand it, there are more to come.

We currently are learning Basic Sorcery.
Perhaps as the future Ages come, there will be more advanced Sorceries to learn, and at that time the multiple tiers of Sorcerer may have more utility.

This is just supposition on my part.

I heard somewhere – can’t remember where – that a T4 sorcerer will always craft a spell page successfully, whereas lower tiers have a chance to produce a failed spell page.

I haven’t tried to confirm this, though.

At any rate, I agree completely: different tiers of sorcerer thrall should have something to distinguish them. Just please, please do not make it so that only T4 can craft something essential (e.g. a leather pouch).

I can say t4s seem to be 25% at creating a spell page instead of a failed page, kinda annoying but i guess since its a 1 time thing its bearable, got the pages faster from running around camps and picking them up off tables

My first 9 were failures, then i ended up with 5 sucessful ones and stopped keeping track after that

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you would think a T4 would have a greater chance to make one compared to a t3, etc. but not sure. my T4 failed a lot at making them, but once all spells are learned not sure what they do now.

Can not confirm. At least Tayna Dreamwalker, the Lemurian Sorceress, creating a lot of Failed Sorcerous Spell Page.

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well that’s Tayna and she can never stay focused. Were you seriously thinking someone named “Dreamwalker” can do focused research? You’re lucky she didn’t drop 5 sheets of acid before you got her.

MORE…had to add more because it’s just fun


I’m not sure if this strictly speaking qualifies as a bug, more of an oversight and/or simply preparation for features yet to come.

My point being: I’m not sure that Sorcerers have a ‘designated’ function beyond the basic ability to craft pages. So, it doesn’t follow the same ‘rules’ as other crafters, who all do something faster, better and/or different per level, but that’s more a question of design than a bug.

I’m hoping it’s prep for later features, because faster/more consistent crafting of pages is too boring of a feature IMO. Filling the Grimoire is too easy even with no bonus.

Supporting evidence is only guesswork, but Sorcery as currently implemented - nice though it is - barely scratches the surface of what you could do with it. After all, the answer to any and all ‘realism’ queries can now be ‘a wizard did it’.

(And yes I’m aware that unflattering though it is most of us forumites would fit right into that audience)


i dont get it, current AoS BP is going to last 90 days until we get new age (completely new theme and BP), or we swap to Stage 2 of AoS after (with new BP anyway but it still be Age of SOrcery)?

Yeah! Since the Thread is moved to Feedback, we have to accept that it doesn’t matter which sorcerer is captured at the moment. So there is no difference if I use a total novice, an apprentice, an advanced or a master of his profession.

But as always, I look positively into the future, that there will eventually be a difference, as with the priests, that the tedious collection of T4 master sorcerer will be worthwhile.


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I can only assume there’s a plan of some kind, and like I said above I choose to view it positively that they currently serve no purpose - as the function they could have on the current system would be boring. Hope is a dangerous thing of course :sweat_smile:

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