T4 Sorcers need a use

The only use for the t4 sorcers are creating pages to upgrade the book. But when you hit the last spell they seems to be useless. I think we need a t4 only recipe, any consumable so there is a point to have one once you are finish. You could let them make the attribut only reset poition or something.

Or what about if the lighning spell needs a token crafted by a t4 sorcerer that consumes the sorcerer?


To make it worse, by the time you finally get a T4 sorcerer to even spawn, you have more pages than you need to fully upgrade the Tome of Kurak. :frowning:


And i have the feeling they spawn quite often, i have captured 3 different t4 before realizing they are useless

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It’s random. I got a T4 on my very first day of playing with sorcery on live servers, then the server crashed badly and got rolled back and I lost the T4, and then I played for days before a T4 spawned.

Some people will luck out and get a T4 before it’s completely useless. Others, like me, will get a T4 just to have one, but it doesn’t really do anything for me.

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It would be nice for them to have an alternate use yes. LIke speed the creation of important consumables or something.

Or to be able to put them on the walls and drop lightning on fools’ heads.


To be fair they could’ve put the spell reagent pouches into that bench to begin with…
As it stands the bench also becomes a bit of a decoration after you unlocked all the spells…
So why couldn’t they have made it so T1-T2 sorcerers can craft the burlap pouches, T3 the cloth as well and T4 the leather ones… then they’d have some use… (might also answer the PvP cries about spells since setting up a basic alchemy bench is quite feasible on a “naked” character, but capturing and taming a T4 sorcerer to craft those pouches maybe a bit less)
Additionally they could add those “bottled up spell” recipes to that bench that you can currently get from the Battle Pass… make them a bit more expensive to craft since they’re instant use and can bypass the initial corruption requirements.

My impression of the whole Sorcery system is that while it’s pretty impressive and cool looking, I mean the spell effect for darkness for example is downright amazing.
But the system overall feels like a “side-quest”… it’s like… "Okay… you upgraded your tome… Job done! Bye! :smiley: "


I like this, but aren’t people already complaining about the cost of leather pouches in terms of sacrificial blood? Do we really want to make them RNG-gated behind a frustratingly low-chance spawn?

I would rather have:

  • T1 can craft burlap
  • T2 can craft burlap and cloth
  • T3 can craft burlap, cloth, and leather
  • T4 can craft all of them at a reduced cost

Or something like that.

Or maybe let us put sorcerers as thralls on sacrificial stones, giving us more resources per sacrifice.

Or perhaps put sorcerers on religious altars to give us some “corrupted” versions of the stuff priests can do.

I don’t know, those are just some ideas. Maybe they all suck, but just please don’t RNG-gate the essential ingredients like leather pouches.


Are leather pouches essential ingredients though? :slight_smile: As far as I know only 2 spells use them and both of them are large area-effect spells having little to no use outside of PvP and one of them was the source of many many complaints.
That’s the reason I initially put them for T4 in my list above, figured it would slap 2 birds with one change :smiley: making lightning storms more rare for PvP since there’s little use for it outside of that.

However I’m completely fine with your version too, they’re looking into the big damage spikes on LS anyway so once that’s gone I doubt it will be as popular as it is atm.


To be fair, I don’t play PVP, and I also don’t find any of the currently available spells very useful. So they’re not essential to me, for the moment.

But I always object to RNG-gating stuff like that. I think Funcom already went overboard with their use of RNG, and even though this particular idea wouldn’t affect me now, it could come back and bite me in the future, if/when they add new uses for leather pouches :slight_smile:


I didn’t look it up on live, but when AoS hit testlive i saw a legendary sorcery pouch in the admin panel and assumed that sorcerer thralls may be intended to be put at the alchemists bench in the future.

That wasn’t my experience, but I think I got lucky.

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Maybe a sorcerer (any tier) could be required to operate transitory stones.
With higher tiers minimising corruption or applying a buff at the other end.

Put one on the summoning circle. The higher the tier, the more durability for summoned items. Weapons armor and mounts.

Same with the grave. Longer lasting zombies.

The bench itself could be used as an altar generating a corrupted shield that applies heavy corruption to all who enter. Maybe requires harvesting a corrupted heart.


I like quite a few of these ideas, i killed probably 4 t4s before trying to get into the sorcery, luckily everyones farming them now so t4 spawn often, but i finally grabbed one, just to speed through the book upgrading

What?? A Funcom mechanic not balanced economically. Nooooooo…[sic]

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T4 Sorcerers should craft an item that when consumed increases the amount of damage Lightning Storm does by 50%.



You forgot a 0 there :smiley: what you mean 50?


To make it worse they don’t do anything special on a thaumaturgy bench either
A t1 can craft pages too
Literally 0 reason to have a t4 at all


Era pf new sorcery features isnt over yet, may play a role in the future… 2 more chapters in the age left, each is supposed to c ome with new features


@Xevyr yeah it would be more preferable if the lightning storm was god based and required a whole lot of zeal and the sacrifice of a t4 priest :thinking:

I would like to be able to assign them to other Sorcery stations like the Sacrificial Stone (get more blood or soul essence) or the Circle of Power (stronger summons) something like that.