No command system needed - Followers AI

Hello :smiley:, I want to propose a command system that will be barely noticeable, will not require additional buttons, will not require a complicated behavior panel / window or even a tutorial.

The companion should imitate the player’s behavior. And more accurately read what the player pressed on the keyboard / controller - more about this later.

Behavior situations

  1. The player stands with a weapon
  • When the player draws a weapon, the text “thrall name attack when enemy is near” appears.
  • The follower will attack any enemy he sees, the text “thrall name attacks” will appear
    • Note: The information on the right replaces the tutorial - if a player draws a weapon, he receives information about what his companion will do.
  1. The player stands without weapon
  • When the player has no weapon drawn and orders the thrall to follow him or the player put the weapon down, the text “thrall name will no attacks” appears.
  • When a follower is attacked, only “thrall name takes damage” appears.
  1. The player crouches without weapon
  • Similar to the situation when the player is standing without weapon (point 2).
  • Additional text “thrall name will be quiet” appears.
    • Note: The quiet companion does not make sounds and does not make unnecessary movements (such as random idle animation).
  1. Player crouches
    with a weapon.
  • Similar to the situation when the player draws a weapon (point 1).
  • As in the situation above (point 3), the companion remains quiet, text “thrall name will be quiet”.
  • The companion attacks everything he sees (of course he will get up to attack).
  1. The player plays animations (the most important situation)
  • The companion should play a random animation from the selected category:
    • If the player is praying, the companion should start praying.
    • If the player is resting, the companion should play one of the resting animations.
  • Text “thrall name behaves similary” appears.

Exceptions / Reading player intentions:

  • What should happen when the player is disarmed (the sword is destroyed and the player’s character goes to the animation without holding the weapon)?
    • The companion should continue the fight.
  • Why does the companion continue fighting when the player is disarmed?
    • Because the player has not pressed any button suggesting that he wants to end the fight.
  • The companion’s behavior should change only when the player physically presses a button that changes the main character’s behavior.
    • Only choosing a weapon from the circular menu / number keys should switch your companion’s behavior to aggressive situation (point 1 or 4).
    • Only pressing the weapon retract button / re-selecting the numeric buttons (put the weapon down) should switch the companion’s behavior to situation (point 2 or 3).
    • Only when the player presses the crouches button, the companion should do the same.
  • When the player is under water (or climbing) and presses the button to pull out the weapon, he will not draw it, but his companion should switch to aggressive behavior (point 1).
  • Only animations should be interrupted when the player’s animation is interrupted.

Note: It should be possible to turn off the texts that appear on the right in the menu - not everyone likes too much information on the screen.

Right now :clock2:, before the update with the Follower Leveling System :thinking:, it’s the best time to keep the topic and talk :astonished: about giving commands to companions and improving their intelligence :man_student:.

If you want to suggest something, comment on or refresh an older topic - do it now! :left_speech_bubble:

Thanks for reading :two_hearts:.


At least I’d like them to watch which weapon I have in my hands. Some lethal weapon or just truncheon, it will be VERY good for Thrall AI.


Currently, thralls get lost even when you ask them to stop following you :rofl: - they run around for a moment.

Don’t get me wrong, thralls AI is cool - because it’s funny :grin:, but it should be cool - because it supports the player :hugs:.

Now any idea to improve AI is good, really any, even the smallest idea.

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Wow :open_mouth: you have really made a lot of effort for your suggestions and worked them out very vividly.
I guess you are describing a playstyle with a controller.
As a PC player playing with mouse and keyboard there could be much easier possibilities to use commands on Thralls.
Keyboard button + Aim point
Attack: Aiming on a hostile NPC and press a defined button on the keyboard the Thrall will attack the aimed NPC with his weapon.
Retreat: press a defined button and the Thrall will retreat to you/end the actual attack
Charge: press a defined button and the thrall will attack randomly
Hold back: press a defined button and the thrall will waiting at his actual position without beginning to attack
Silence: press a defined button and the Thrall will follow you in crouch animation


I play on a PC with a controller in my hands and always think about console players when I suggest something. Thanks for appreciating my efforts. :star_struck:

You are absolutely right. Your idea is also good, especially since all the major consoles have the option of connecting a mouse :computer_mouse: and keyboard :keyboard: to them.

The retreat option could be really helpful in Conan Exiles :+1:


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