No Heavy Armor for Agility Weapon Bonus?

That’s just another proof of how rushed this update is.
There were solutions for that, but instead devs decided to just f*ck up everything and nerf existing thralls.

I’m whining, yes … cause I hate the fact that I’ve spent tons of resources to craft epic heavy armors and now I can only use those as skins (and have to craft other epic heavy armors which cost even more).

If I were on a PVP server I would already left after this bull**it, and even on PVE I’m not sure I wish to continue. Why should I bother play a game, progress through it if then the devs take this progress away by changing things ?

It’s not worth it … it’s stupid !
Now I have to craft those Stygian Soldier Armor, maybe next update I would have to trash those and start over again … no man, that’s not a game I want to play !

Well the wiki looks updated. Awesome job there.

As for ‘it’s not fair’…yeah cry me a river as I tried to load up on witch doctor undead only to realize that their original strength of high armor vanished when Grit got inputting and they all sit less that light armor now. We all knew things were changing. We all hedged our bets. Some made out, others didn’t.

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That’s why I was asking you why on earth would you want to put epic heavy armor on an archer?..

The whole point of archers is that you wan place them on a tower / roof / anything elevated… and nothing in PvE can attack them… they might as well be naked as the armor won’t do them any favors aside from the %agility damage you’re trying to get them…

So by that logic you could craft them simple non-epic aquilonian armor… they get the same agility bonus from it, it’s dirt cheap all you have to do is skin a few rhinos and it even looks good so you don’t need to reskin it… it certainly looks way better than any of the other armor sets metnioned in this thread :smiley:

However… if you are hellbent on the epic heavy armor for archers in PvE… then here’s a slightly more cost-effective approach…
you could put all that armor you made into the dismantling bench… you would get back SOME of the materials… even if it’s just 30%… and then craft the non-epic version of the same armor for illusion skins.
This would still be a cheaper solution and have the same results and you could use some of the materials you gained back from dismantling for the epic stygian soldier you wanna craft.

Because I aim for perfection: it’s PVE, but I like to equip my warriors with best stuff.
It’s not needed ? Of course not, but I like to play that.

I know I can use dismantling bench, and I get 30% back … but still it’s wrong.
There were no problems with balancing, nor there were specific reasons to do what they did … it’s just to annoy people !

“Hey, look these pricks who spent years crafting all those armors, yeah, let’s f*ck em up. Here, now these armors are useless !”

That’s how it sounds what they did with Hyrkanian Armor.
Cause let’s be real, a LOT of people went for that as their primary choice for equipping archers.

I don’t know about that… I personally think it’s completely immersion breaking and not even remotely accurate to put plate on a dude who’s supposed to draw a longbow all day long on a tower… so it’s the opposite of “perfection” in my books :slight_smile: My archers always get medium or light armor, which looks way more archer-like :stuck_out_tongue:

See? :smiley: There’s the lady Captain of the guard addressing the new archer recruits in one of my old playthroughs lol

That’s all irrelevant though, if you prefer heavy armor then that’s your choice and I respect that :slight_smile:

Years though? How many archers do you have? cuz you can easily make like 40 sets in a few hours even if you include some of the farming for it.

Overall, I think it’s a matter of perception… you can look at it as “they screwed you over” and sulk about it and be annoyed… or you could take it up as a new challenge / quest… to regear all your archers, because if you’re that far into the game anyway and it was just about “perfection” then there might not be a whole lot of other stuff to do anyway, at least you get to play around with the new armor stuff and the illusion system.

Oh btw, if you truly do prefer perfection you would’ve had to remake them anyway since the bonuses from crafter thralls have been changed… For example the same regular aquilonian helmet my T4 armorer crafted before the patch that had 76.5 or so armor, now has 96… same bench… same recipe… same crafter and the one I made after the patch has more than the one I made just before the patch.

In any case sure, I can see how this whole situation could’ve been annoying… but imo it’s nothing to write home about :stuck_out_tongue: just a tiny nuisance that comes with every new change.

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