No Heavy Armor for Agility Weapon Bonus?


first off, I made a lots of Hyrkanian Armors for my Archers and now I can throw them in the Trash, since now it gives a bonus that’s totally useless on Thralls. And this is already bad, thx Funcom !

Secondly, there are no Heavy Armors that give bonus to Agility Weapons ? What do I have to equip my Archers with ?

And I’d like to point out that Archers already suck and, to be at least decent they should do at least 3 times their actual damage. Now I can’t even equip them with Heavy Armors. Why not removing Archers from the game directly, instead or nerfing them over and over ?

At the moment, they are so weak that sucks even as decorations !

Stygian Soldier (base game).
Turanian Phalanx (DLC).
Dark Templar (DLC).

(Credit to @thurgond for 2/3 of these).


Ah, Turanian … great.
I don’t have that DLC…

Why not restoring Hyrkanian to it’s previous bonus (Accuracy → Agility) ?
That way:

  1. people (like me) wouldn’t have to trash tons of armors (and hours spent gathering materials).
  2. people (like me) would have a NON-DLC heavy armor for their Archers

DLCs are meant to be esthetic-only, right ? No sense one should buy a DLC in order to have access to a specific bonus

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Agreed. This is P2W, or at least ‘pay for advantage’ which is the same thing just on a different scale, and it always sucks.

Nothing new there, though - there’s always been combinations that were only available through certain DLCs.

Edit: I was wrong. There are base game options available, thus no P2W involved.


Yes, but honestly I think this is not the case: I don’t think devs made this situation intentionally.

Actually, considering the actual illusion system, I think a good solution would be having a few base armors (light + str || light + agi || light + auth || … || med + str || med + agi || … etc) and then have all the DLC armors to be appearance only.

Basically, DLCs armors will not be actual Armors but just Skins, like they were supposed to be.

Would’ve been simpler (for the user) to decouple stats and appearance entirely, but this is one more case where the game has changed so significantly from its original design that slapping a band-aid solution on was the best we could get.

Possible, though you’d think the lead designer has a spreadsheet somewhere listing the combinations and their sources. I’d hope so, anyway. So I can’t imagine they don’t know - but it’s probably a hard sell, internally, to actively remove incentive to buy DLC.

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Stygian Soldier armor gives +agility damage and it is part of the base game. Dark Templar does as well, but it’s another DLC armor.


Good call - and well spotted! In my memory Stygian Soldier was Medium, but I was wrong. I retract any claims that this combination is P2W!


Ok, there is one combination that is not P2W.
But I still think the whole armor system would be better updated.

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Could it be better and simpler? Definitely. But we just got Illusion aka xmog aka cosmetic armor, so I’m not going to complain :hugs:

Just for saying: now I have a lot of sets of Hyrkanian (that costed me resources and time) that I can put in the trash and have to craft as much sets of Stygian (which sucks, esthetically, btw) that costs even more …

Well, great job … thx, Funcom !

I just want to know who is the genius that planned to change that armor bonus !
Almost all the other armors give the same bonuses as before, why specifically that one (my favourite) had to be changed ? GODDAMMIT !!

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Make Stygian Armor and Transmute it to Hyrkanian.
You already have all the Hyrkanian armor that you say you are just going to trash. Transmute it instead.
Yeah it’s a lot of work, but you get the Bonus you want and get to keep the look you want.


Stygian is medium armor and is strength based

I would like change it back as well, I was running agility build but I really can’t find cheap armor that gives it.

I like Stygian armor because u just need single mat to make it.

They changed it strength based. Which sucks

Guess its a good idea to collect the informations and merge them? ^^

The point is that devs basically changed the role of an Armor Set.
An Armor Set that costs material and that players have been crafting for YEARS knowing that set gave that bonus.

It’s like you spent tons of resources to build a base with T3 materials, and then they nerf that material from T3 to T1. How would you feel about that ?

No no no, that Armor bonus HAS to be switch back to its previous, or AT LEAST devs should REFUND fully the resources spent (like they did with building parts that are no longer usable after 3.0)

No, that’s Stygian Raider, there is also Stygian Invader that’s sort of heavy and strength base. What they’re talking about is Stygian Soldier, which is heavy and has agility weapon bonus

I’m just curious… why would you want to equip archers with heavy armor? or is this on a PvP server where every point counts?

Sorry man, at this point you’re just whining. I’d be way more upset that existing thralls have zero Grit and so are severely gimped compared to newly trained ones - but that’s the nature of the beast.

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In case you’re playing on private server / single player and you or the server owner has access to the database file, I posted a fix for that here

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I don’t - but I’m sure it’s immensely useful to those who do, so kudos for that.