No hotfix patch for the mess that happened yesterday?

Seriously was thinking i’d log on today to see at least some sort of hotfix for some of the bugs that “patch” created yesterday. Horribly disappointed.

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latest Information about the Hotfix


Thank you Melcom , I was looking for some kind of response

Please note: unfortunately we had to delay the hotfix until tomorrow. This means however you will get one hotfix where instead there would have been two. Very sorry for the delay! (the OP has been updated accordingly).

I personally would have liked a fix today and one tomorrow.

Same, would have been nice to have a couple of the things addressed today.

yeah and then remembered the mother of all f-up patch’s and couldnt not bring myself to log in.
Talk about ■■■■■■■■■■■ a game :frowning:

hopefully the hotfix will fix teh map issue, journey issue, torch issue, food issue, water issue, combat issue, some world boss issue’s, potion issue, quickness of food/water consumption and decay… and thats what i could find almost immediatly after the patch that i can remember. 20 mins of playing = 3 full stacks of (50) food being eaten and water, well dont go too far away from a water supply of some kind.

Game was no fun at all i decided to log out along with many others and wait for a fix, whilst many others decided to use this to rob, pillage and ransack all others base’s

I took the opportunity to replace all the
t4 thralls that disappeared in a full chest on a wedge foundation by raiding the black galleon.

Well I say raiding but truth be told I could just walk on, club who I wanted and leave.
No one wanted to attack.

I did die there but that was due to thirst.

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