No main quest update. Can't advance to Africa

So I tried to contact a gm but the whole ingame “petition” thing just sends me to the help screen which is useless to me. There is also a mention of a live chat but I can’t find any trace of that so I hope I can find someone here that can help me out.

I read the SMS that sends me to Kingsmouth but it didn’t trigger the main quest update so now I’m just sitting around in Agartha hoping this can solve itself.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried going to Che in Kingsmouth?

I just checked and he’s got nothing for me.

Did eventually find the petition screen but no one is relpying. Yet.

Do you have any main missions in your journal? If so, what does it say? A screenshot would be helpful. Also try going to the plane at KM airfield

My journal is empty. There is no main quest available. I don’t even have any sidequests active… The SMS also disappeared after I read it.

So I have noting available and nothing active.

I’ve ran through Kingsmouth airport twice but I don’t even know which plane it is and where to find it. No scenes were triggered either.

And google didn’t help me much either unfortunatly.

If you head to 738, 820 in Kingsmouth airport does a cutscene not trigger? At this location:

I’ve been there before but nothing happened… I’ll try again, and see if it works this time.

I think I’ll also see if I can redo the last main quest and hopefully it triggers something. Otherwise, I might just be stuck until someone replies to my petition.