No one to PvP in mid-level range

11-7-18: You find other players in Tortage and at current maximum levels, but in between almost no one. And no mini games either. So what you do is use the search function to seek players in your level range. Eventually you spot one or two, so you travel to that map. Now you have to find that player somewhere on the map and you have no mount. Takes a lot of time and is usually a waste of time because you can’t find them. But… if you do and you manage to win, your monumental effort is rewarded with a piddling amount of PvP-XP whereas playing a EZ mode mini-game rewards much more XP, tokens, for time spent, but as I said, mini games are not an option at lower levels where there are few players.

Kindly increase the rewards for open-world PvP.

You dont need to fight players of your own level. If you go to where most max level players are at you will level in the speed of lightning. Should probably reach max level in under an hour if there is a zerg and you are not grouped

Would you not be giving people murder points? That is why I have stayed away from doing this.

murder points are almost always instantly removed where the zerg is at

Great. Cannot wait to end my lonely PVE grind

I can never find anyone in Conall’s Valley for the Festival. Is there a favored spot to pvp? I see a few now and then in the village, otherwise players seem to be off questing.