No prerequision for serpentine recipes/feats

Game mode: all
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: all

The endgame like recipes/feats you can learn when you interact with the stele on top of the well of skelos did not have a proper prerequision setup. They are learnable with a level 1 char. Other endgame recipes/feast (e.g. abandon keep) have stuff like star metal tools (level 55) as prerequision.

technical details:
all of the feats have a prerequision defined but the interactable is not checking the feat prerequisions. the prerequision is defined at the interactable in the variable ‘RequiresFeat’ which is not set in this case

setup of the well of skelos interactable:

working example:
the interactable in the abandon keep defines ‘Star Metal Tools’ (feat ID 51015) as prerequision

setup of the abandon keep interactable:
RequirementNotMetText:[object Object]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. fight you level 1 char up to the well of skelos (hard but possible)
  2. click the stele
  3. learn all the nice endgame recipes
  4. profit
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I think thats the point, You have get there, get past lava, and climb to even get it. (often with help, or lucky food drops)

Arrows are only thing you can make thou, rest require lv60 feats for haft, string or exile epics to make. I make a run up there myself(with some help online) for arrows. Cause lets face it…bow damage is trash, and getting some decents arrow combat trash bow damage. XD

Personally, i think most of them should be learned able before star axe… BUT, make lesser versions, or pick some items that can be made or added.
Starting to push North by level 30-40… and journals has kill Kinscourge early on…and you can’t even click recipes. =/
Seems so backwards.

the single feats have a prerequision which the interactable did not have. 2 possible sceanarios: the setup of the feats is not correct or the interactable is not correct. in the current state it makes no sense

Or they left it open, cause its in volcano. =p

Its fine honestly, the arrows are only thing you can make. (they use iron. feather and branches) Not exactly end game materials.

with the serpent-man arrows you have a recipe early in the game which gives a 22 damage arrow for a minimal higher price than a ironhead arrow which only deals 9 damage. sounds not intended for me

the mats are not endgame but the damage is endgame and thats the route cause

The arrow damage is still subpar. It seem like its double damage more, but its not. With out High level bow, its no better then using 7 damage bow, and farming Ivory or better. You need high level bow in formula to make it work. Its more damage yes, its not “oh god no! she has serpant arrows!”
I use Bow as my main weapon, It helps to have them… its not turning tide of battle.

And feat alone of getting to Volcano and do the deed, is its reward of sorts. To me anyway. With creator of said feat to jump in, its matter of preservative…

Cause if we wanna nit pick needing help, someone can make arrows and hand them to a newbie and watch them use them. Arrows arent locked out… So feat of Volcano early. very few people are gonna bother… or just find a clan for hook up. XD

everything right but it did not change it that the current constellation doesn’t make sense and doesn’t fit to other interactables and I don’t think that it is intended :man_shrugging:

Cause really only other point i can make, is you can click relic hunter, hyena furs any level, Which gives both low end and Epic version. (which requires lv60 feats to make) Not like finding high level stuff early is weird.

heck I handed in fragment of power you find on ground for reinforced climbing boots and gloves at lv10 or so, I can’t make them till lv60. XD

But ya, 22 damage arrows arent to huge a leap, =/ Not with out 21+ bow backing it up.

The Serpentine Arrow feat has Ropemaker set as a required skill, but at no point are you actually required to have Ropemaker to craft Serpent-man Arrows.

It is obvious this is a bug, and just because you can justify to yourself that you should be allowed to get the feat at any level does not make it not an exploit.

If Funcom decides Serpent-man Arrows should be available at any level, fine, then they should remove Ropemaker as a prerequisite feat.

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Hey there,

Thanks for bringing this up to our attention. We’re sending it to our team so they can determine if it is intended or a bug.

Exploit is abit harsh of a word…

After reading this, I went and had a look… and darn… it does get label it under rope maker. Never noticed. thats a shame…

My point still stands thou… arrow doesn’t mean much with out good bow. (which don’t drop, compared to other weapons like Harden Steel or Obsidian weapons and tools that can be gotten with cheese methods like gas orbs at low levels)
And anyone who can get there solo… it was pain in ■■■. Kudos to those that do.

Hopfully they keep it, to get up there is a pain, and need careful planning. XD

You need the handles and all advanced stuff in order to craft the weapons. So even with thrall, if you can’t make this parts, you’re unable to craft the weapons anyway.

But yes, i was bit surprised first when i saw it while starting a new char. But not really gamebreaking, like said, you nead the other high-end parts to craft them.

Hey there,

Quick update: our team got back to us and informed this is not intended, so we’re proceeding to treat it as a bug. Thanks for the heads-up



super ultra sad face

We let people farm obsidian weapons/high steel with gas orbs to get a major advantage aat low levels… but someone can’t make little huts and drink waterskins like a nutt and climb a volcano at low levels for better arrows. =/

Not fair… =(
Itlest make better bows drop then, or buff bow damage. =/

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