No reponse from Support for many months now

I’ve had an open ticket with the CS email account since September 2017 regarding the fact my main is not safely playable. There were a few emails back and forth ending in a “no ETA for when she could be fixed” becuase it required a Dev to do. Since then I have heard nothing back at all, and every couple of months when I send a reminder email, there is never any response.

With the Anniversary event running and it being time for me to renew my annual sub, I want to know if there is any chance I’ll ever get to play my main character again. It’s extremely disheartening and the main reason I stopped playing outside of a weekly raiding commitment.

  • player of Ophiuchus, currently in limbo.

I’m sorry that you’re not hearing back from us. It’s very unusual to not receive any kind of reply after nearly 10 months. I have to assume the ticket was closed somehow. If you still need help, you should either reply to the original email to reopen the ticket, or make a new one.

I tried logging Ophiuchus while I saw that no other characters on the account were logged in. There were no issues with logging this character from my end. Please try to log them again when you get the chance. Should any problems remain, then please let us know.

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I have been replying directly to the original emails chain.

The trouble with logging Ophiuchus is when she opens her bank, because of the clash of the item IDs of her unique flagged items. (The same individual item(s) appear in 2 places - one in bank and one in inventory - and causes an item ID clash, so it gets deleted and therefore vanishes from both.) I have not attempted to log her since the unique item deletion issues which required your intervention the first time to restore, in case opening her bank causes that to happen all over again.

Hello Ophiuchus. I can assure you that you will be receiving a reply in your original email ticket ASAP.