No response on support ticket


Hey there,

I submitted a support ticket awhile back. After 2 days the ticket was closed, but I never got any response or support. Ticket #1086861

I submitted in a new support ticket 2 days ago, and have yet to receive a response. Ticket #1087112

I know y’all can be busy sometimes, but just in case there was something else wrong I thought I might try these forums. Looking forward to some help.



I think you need to be a bit more patient. FC’s customer service is currently dealing with hurricane Florence.


Good joke… Home office ? The whole Carolina is in black out ?

I opened a ticket too, about client download issue : the link on the main AO site points to an installer that can’t download the game.
No answer, no update.

I pay a monthly fee, may I could be able to play the game, right ?


I understand your frustration, but I think they have been busy evacuating the place and their families. Perhaps the CS is not completely unresponsive but I can imagine that their ability to provide a proper service to all of their games is currently kinda limited.

What client are you trying to download? :slightly_smiling_face:


Go to this page :
Click on the “+” sign beside “Download” menu.
Then click on “Install”.

It will download “AnarchyOnline_EP1.exe”.
Run the downloaded program and… enjoy the nice error message.
If you take a look at the “current.txt” file in the temp folder the program created, you’ll see the URL of the files being downloaded. None of them can be downloaded.

If Funcom doesn’t want we play Anarchy Online, please, don’t allow subscription too. Be honest.


Hmmm, well, sorry. Arging for nothing. It’s fixed now ^^

Let me download the client and kill some rubika’s citizen to calm me down…


We are here! I’m sorry for the delay. Our Durham offices have been closed for the past few days while hurricane Florence has passed through our area. We are now back open and we’re working to help everyone who we were unable to assist over the weekend. Thank you for your patient while we work to catch up.


Heya Umborls,

I still haven’t been contacted by anyone regarding my ticket. To provide a little more background, I had submitted a ticket Sept 11 (#1086861), and then I was banned the next morning. I never received notice or explanation for the ban. My ticket was never answered, and was closed after 2 days.

That prompted me to submit a second ticket (#1087112) on Sept 13, which has still gone unanswered. I am still banned without notice or explanation.

I completely understand you guys might be busy, especially with the hurricane (hope everyone’s OK), and that you probably don’t want to give people who post here priority to prevent a deluge of submissions, but I’m pretty annoyed at this point at being in the dark for so long, and I’m concerned that there’s some other reason that my tickets aren’t being answered. If someone could respond to my current ticket and just let me know that there’s no ulterior issue and you guys will get to it eventually I’d feel very relieved. I’d like this to be in response to the ticket though, not a post on this forum.



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