No shirt, no strap

I noticed that your weapon sits awesome on your back sheathed when you have clothes on…but what is holding it there when you have no shirt on ?? It would be nice to show a weapon strap if you have a sword or axe on your back when you have no shirt on.


It’s just a really hardcore body piercing :upside_down_face:


Use your imagination, like Tarzan:


Lmao. (Pun intended, lol.)


Velcro. :upside_down_face:


Well, there you have it. That’s your problem right there. Fortunately, the solution is simple and easy:



Hands free Clamp…


I imagine that a spear, if one was to carry it that way at all, would be attached via a thin strap or cord of some kind going across the chest tied with a slipknot.



how do they work?


But… but… it’s so much more immersive when we have our naked, razor-sharp weapons floating on our naked bodies without anything to hold them in place.

My explanation is telekinesis. That way we have sorcery covered, too. Also, when you can have telekinesis, you don’t need rope bridges either.

(On a more serious note: I’m glad it’s a feature that can be turned off.)


Did you have to go there? Lol.


Woven back hair.

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I like the post, nice one @bigguy80 :+1:t6:.
Now let’s shake the waters a bit.
Imagine that you have this beauty in front of you, so asking her to bent looks…


Scary, will you take a chance?

Lethal, don’t even think about it

Keep you distance, Corona virus distance actually

In any case, I really enjoy this new feature, but if I don’t wear a chest piece, I would agree with @bigguy80, some leather stripes would be awesome to exist, or a recipe for weapon holders to allow as if we wear it to be able to carry the weapons this way, but I know that I ask to much for now :wink:.

I hope the community will understand that these pictures represent a joke that I try to do and nothing else, thank you :+1:t6:


Bella at her best.


Arnold has a very similar design for his sword sheath in Conan the Barbarian.

It allowed him to both easily move it around and also keep it secured

Typically something as large a a spear would just be carried by hand and set down. If you needed both hands to transverse difficult terrain I’d imagine a strap or cord around your back would be your best option, at least for a moderate sized spear.


He’s funny, but by now I imagine he has more “I was wrong!” videos explaining the mistakes in his previous videos than original content. Of course, not everyone on the Net is able to admit their mistakes like Shad, so he’s kinda commendable, even though I would appreciate checking his sources before making videos.

Weapons strapped on one’s back is a common trope in fantasy, and video games especially. No matter whether it’s a sword, a spear, a spiked chain or a halberd, you can grab it from your back, and put it back again, in one fluid motion.

In reality, some weapons (and even shields) were carried on the back, but these were usually for long-distance travel, not for easy access for surprising combat situations. You’d need to strap a polearm to your back pretty tightly so as to prevent it from coming loose on its own, or hitting the guy next to you on the head.

Shorter weapons, and swords of all sizes, are much easier to carry on the waist, whereas polearms are a pain to carry, no matter where you stick it. From Macedonian phalanxes to Spanish tercios, pikes were usually carried on the shoulder during marches.


That’s part of what makes him so good though. He’s not an expert. He’s just a guy doing his own research. That’s far more respectable than some would be professor who thinks he knows everything there is to know even though all he really knows is what his professor told him, who referenced his professor who referenced his professor who referenced his and so on and so on.

“The man who learns only what others know is as ignorant as if he learns nothing.”

By the way, turns out he actually did a video specifically on carrying spears on the back:


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