No thirst or hunger

When I first start the game, I get thirsty and hungry as normal and have to drink and eat. When called away (or doing laundry), I exit to the main menu and leave the game in that state until I return.

Re-entering testlive in single-player (no mods), I do not need food or drink and my thirst and hunger indicator both remain at 100%. Upon taking damage, I still need to eat to regenerate health, but not to sate my hunger.

At least for my particular setup, this is repeatable and has happened 5 days in a row, several times each day. That’s when I first noticed it.



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Can it be that you have disabled it as an admin (similar to god mod) and now it is stuck to disabled? Get admin rights, enable, disable, enable and see whether anything changes.


Thanks for the feedback @Jim1
It’s been relayed to our team.

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Narelle, thanks for the response, helpful as ever, you are :slight_smile:

My active consumption is set at 0.3, AFK is set at 0.1 and eating is enabled in the admin panel. I followed your suggestion, disabling/relogging/enabling/relogging and it persists.



Single player - no mods
test-live 03.03.2020

I just tested this Jim1 has something here.

Thirst set to 1.0
Hunger set to 1.0

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log into single player observe Thirst and hunger is lowering as expected
  2. let hunger and thirst deteriorate from 100 to 97
  3. consume Feast of Jhebbal Sag
  4. observe hunger and thirst are restored back to 100
  5. wait
  6. watch underwater breathing buff from feast of Jhebbal Sag expire
  7. wait
  8. observe hunger and thirst are still at 100

Something is not right with thirst and hunger.

Log out/log in thirst and hunger are lowering again. Able to reproduce bug again by starting again at step 1.


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