No tombstone (corpse marker) location on map

As frustrating as this game can be at times for a new player, this is fast approaching the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I spent the day yesterday gathering materials for some decent armour and weapons. On my way back to our base, I was killed. It was after 2:00 am, so I logged off thinking to get an early start retrieving the materials on my corpse. Imagine my frustration when I logged on in the early afternoon, only to find there is no tombstone icon showing where I died! My son purchased this game for me, hoping to have someone to play with. I really enjoy challenging games of this genre, but this is ridiculous and unprecedented. Without an icon on the map showing where my corpse is, it will be virtually impossible for me to retrieve my gear and the materials in my inventory. I have died numerous times and have always been able to find my corpse because of the tombstone map icon generated upon death.

There are high level creatures in the area where I died, so running around looking for a small pile of bones in a sea of rocks and ground clutter, is a recipe for a series of more death. Due to the fact that there is no tombstone map icon directing me to my corpse, I have a feeling there may be no corpse on the ground containing all my gear and materials. All the time spent playing this game thus far, really feels like so much of a waste of time. We assumed playing on an official server, was a good choice. Now I am not so sure.

Is this a common occurrence in Conan Exiles? If by some slim chance I was able to guesstimate where my corpse is, will it actually be there?

Not being mean here but one big big mistake you made…. you don’t log off without retrieving your corpse.

Your corpse will be gone after 30 minutes, and if left anyone can grab it, a server reset will also delete the body as well, that’s way to long to leave your body unattended

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Aw, crap. I’m honestly sorry to hear you went through that. :frowning:

Like @HrothgarFrosthound said, corpses decay in 30 minutes, and server reboots get rid of everything that isn’t “nailed down”, so to speak.

It’s got nothing to do with official servers, that’s just how the game works. The only thing different on private servers is that some are configured so that you don’t drop any loot when you’re killed.

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The chances of someone finding my corpse in the location I died is slim and none. Especially in lieu of the fact that I have never seen more than 4 players online at any given time. My question was dealing more with the nature of map tombstone icons. Up to this point in my short game experience, even after I retrieve the items, the tombstone icon remains on the map, even when there is no corpse present. I am not referring to the little pile of bones one sees on the terrain while playing (which everyone can see), I am referring to the tombstone icon one sees when they open up their map, which only appears to the player who died.

Again, the tombstone is visible only to you like you said very correct. But, no matter if it is visible even after you loot your corpse, in a server restart will disappear. Maybe in between the time you logged out and log in the server restarted and this icon gone. But, if you die you have only 30 min to retrieve. If you don’t play pvp or pvec no one can loot your things. In pve you are the only one that loot your body, not even your clan mates can, only you.
Closing, there is no area that someone else will not pass, since you did, everyone can, playing in pvp servers I said this mistake a lot of times, no one passes from here, no one will find my base here, etc… It’s a mistake I did too years ago.
Welcome to the game and the forum exile, prepare to loose more, it’s only the beginning :wink:

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Thank you stelagel, CodeMage and HrothgarFrosthound, for your timely, courteous and informative responses to my post. A restart must have occurred as my son said his tombstone icons were also wiped off the map.

Absolutely having to retrieve my corpse within 30 minutes is simply impractical for me due to real life circumstances. Also, since I began playing this game, my gameplay has been interrupted twice due to corrupted game files. Repairing, verifying and updating the game files has taken quite a bit more time than 30 minutes. Fortunately I had not died when those game interruptions took place.

To lose all the work and time one puts into gearing up their character due to a 30 minute corpse despawn element is too impractical for my situation. I have really enjoy the challenges this game imposes thus far, but I would not enjoy my son having to craft me a new set of gear every time I die, then get called away from the game to deal with those things that keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. I am the type of player that would never complain about the difficulty of levelling or the tediousness of grinding, but this aspect of the game makes no sense, unless the intent of the game developers was to weed out players who have responsibilities in real life.

Just before you go know this, there are private servers for persons that really don’t have time. In some private servers, on death you do not loose inventory, you just spawn inside your house with everything you were carrying.
2nd Admins.
They can understand your situation and help you retrieve everything you lost from the admin panel.
In any case, good luck :+1:t6:

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