XBOX ONE - Unable to find corpses at the location of death

I have died 3 times and I have lost a lot of useful inventory because when I go back to the “gravesite” marked on the map, I cannot find my corpse. I remember distinctly where I died this last time where I was smashed by the big turtle-like creatures. I went back to the site to recover my inventory and there is no corpse. Is this a bug?

i also have this issue when defending my base from a purge. my corpse that has my gear on it vanishes, yet when i go out again to where i died theres nothing, and i die again. but when i get back to it a third time, the body that had NOTHING on it is there… while the body that had all my gear on it is gone.

Happened again to me later. I thought it was fixed as I did a test, by killing myself just outside of my base and was able to find my body no problem.

However, when i went up the hill to “explore” past the Dregs area, towards the Unnamed City with the skeleton guys and stuff, I couldn’t beat the scorpion and skeleton together so I died. I had a lot of good stuff on me.

I come back and I found my body, partially buried inside of a castle wall (I died on the desert, how did that happen?). I could NOT press X on it to get the items. I tried logging off and on to see if that would move my body closer to me. It did not. Now the body was totally gone with the grave marker still on the map.

It almost makes me not want to try new things during the game preview as I may lose what I find.

The two out of the last three times that I died the same thing happened to me (OS1414 - Xbox). I go to the gravestone and either the body is there or I cannot interact with the body. Both instances I know for a fact that no one beat me there as I was the only one on the server or in such a remote location that someone would not even think of looking where I died.

This has happened to me many times. I’d say my dead body only stays visible maybe 20% of the time. A friend of mine got so fed up with dying and having to start completely over, that he’s probably going to stop playing it.

craziness. please fix this.

The developers are aware of the issue preventing players from finding their corpses. They’re currently working on a solution and hopefully will be able to implement something soon.

Yestyrday happend to me 3 times one gameplay last time ghost large crocs kill me dropped me xbox daschboard ive done this game.happens many time and i try many diffirent servers only thing fix this proplems is turn off dropped dead body items.:angry:

I read this about a week ago, run away from the area that you died and come back and you might see your body spawn in. I run about a full stamina bar away from where I died and run all the way back keeping an eye on where I think I died. This has helped me many of times, especially in the swungle where finding your body under water is really hard. There have also been times where my body has glitched into a wall and I luckily got into my inventory by spamming the action button, “x” on xbox, everywhere.

The “developers”, are incompetent jackasses!

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THIS happened to me 3 times last night. It’s never happened before. My first death resulted in not finding my body. The last 2 I did manage to find a gray outline of my body on the ground, but no items indicator. Same for the 3rd time. By that time it was after midnight, I was pissed, and logged off.

I play offline, single player on Xbox One X if that matters at all.

I love this game but I’m hating it more and more every damn day because I can’t seem to progress based on the item wheel contents and my armor disappearing. Throw this latest issue in the mix and it’s almost unplayable. The worst part is Funcom won’t respond.

There’s an option to turn off “dropped dead body items”. Where, I looked everywhere in the settings last night?

I can’t believe you release a fully priced game with these issues. It’s insane. Tired of being randomly DC’d to log back in naked at the desert spawn point. Then I remove bracelet so spawn at my base. Run to where I originally died and nothing.

Has happened so many times I have stopped counting and currently thinking of leaving the game.

Also, because disconnections and crashes makes you die, it would be a good idea to have the true spot of death. Because in that case you don’t even have a clue to find your corpse. I played 3 hours this morning. I lost 3 hours for nothing plus I lost some stuff I got in my chest to get my corpse’s stuff back. It’s really not normal to have this kind of issue outside of a beta…

I don’t know what to say either. Last night I was on for 3 hours and managed to NOT die at all. I setup a 2nd base so I could farm coal/iron and hoping like hell I’m able to find my corpse when I do die again.

I learned my lesson from last week and now empty my item wheel into a box, same with my armor, and so far haven’t had issues with those missing at launch anymore.

The dying and only being able to find a shadow where your corpse should be is a game changer, and not a good one either. Funcom needs to get their sh*t together soon or there won’t be anybody left to play.

I heard yesterday they’re planning the launch of a DLC. Seriously, DON’T LAUCH THE DLC UNTIL YOU FIX THE BASE GAME, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!

Experienced a brand new one last night. My corpse was a good ways up in the middle of the sky. I built stairs with pillar supports as fast and as high as I could. I had to laugh to keep from crying. I looked like a frozen Superman hung in midair. Just as I was building the final part that would allow me to hopefully loot my corpse…poof…no more corpse. Should have done a screenshot but I was so frantic in trying to hurry up and reach it I didn’t think about it until later.

Oh man, that really, really blows. Losing stuff we work so hard to farm is NOT FUN AT ALL. I just wish Funcom would shut the game down while they address the multitude of game breaking problems.