No use for hot-weather armor on Siptah?

For an equatorial island, Siptah is awfully cold. I haven’t looked at the heat map in DevKit (too lazy to re-download it, sorry) but I have yet to find even one place on the island where the temperature bar goes up. Period. It starts at neutral and only goes down from there.

Which would be okay if it weren’t for the fact that it renders at least half of the armor sets more or less unusable – perfectly wearable near sea-level, but inadequate if you go into either dead city or anywhere near the tower.

I haven’t checked any of the Elder Vaults yet. At least one of them, which seems to have fires almost everywhere, ought to be hot? But if they aren’t, then you just invalidated half of the outfits in the game, including several of the DLC armors.

(I think it would be fun, on some level, if one side of the island was a lot hotter than the other. That way, if alliances formed by side of the map, they’d naturally have recognizable uniforms. Ish.)

They also changed the temperature system so that all armour protects against both heat and cold. I’d guess lower tier armours just aren’t enough temperature protection in either direction to stay warm on Siptah. I’d say they’ve definitely still got some tweaking to do with the system, but I don’t see any evidence of them having ‘invalidated’ some of the armour - it’s all pretty much equal at this point. Which arguably means that they may have largely ‘invalidated’ the temperature system for the time being, but I’m not so convinced about the armour.

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I have no problem with my standard armour on any place on Siptah :confused:
I can go brainless around the map all the time with every armour never having trouble (got very cold at coldest place, vitality perk 3)

What would have been nice is:

  • During clear skies you need more heat resistent armour
  • During storm you need more cold resistent armour
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Yeah, I figure they’re working on the temperature system - it seems unlikely they intend to keep the current version. (I wasn’t suggesting standard armour isn’t enough for Siptah - I don’t know yet, still a couple of days before I can give it a go - just trying to find an explanation ofr what the OP seems to be experiencing) In top tier armour in the exiled lands under the new system I don’t ever need to change armour. Went from the Bridge of the Betrayer to the heart of the Volcano and all I did to mitigate the temperature was switch from Solspiel to Mistmourn. That does feel a little too easy for a survival game, and I’ve never known survival game devs to like things being ‘too easy’, which is why I’m confident they’re working on it :wink:

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I agree

The temperature is nothing you really need to pay attention to, the whole preparation feeling is n’t there when going out. Like the question:

“I’m going out to … and I need …” (food, water, potions healing and buffs, armour??? nah I dont have to care about it :stuck_out_tongue: )

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TBF, those two shields are pretty OP. Even in the old system, either one gave you as much temperature protection as a full set of flawless epic armor.

True - and certainly I would want them to still have a decently powerful effect - I just felt that being able to go from the coldest to the hottest with them being the only change was maybe a bit too easy. But that’s just because essentially at the moment the same set of epic flawless armour seems to pretty much grant top protection against both cold and hot, where maybe Funcom needs to work a bit more variety back into the system. It’ll be interesting to see how they opt to handle it.

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