Non Clan Thrall in my base

someone placed a wolf on top of my pen in a guarding state. Not sure how an out of clan member was able to do that but, now after removing the pen the wolf is still there. I play on a pve-c server and cannot find a way to get rid of the wolf. I have tried to kill it with spike walls, hot tar and poison gas. Any idea’s how to get rid of it?

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Spikes are the way to go. I usually use the simple palisade, but you might have more luck with one of the other types. Keep trying to place it as close to the wolf as possible, and use the building controls to try angle it toward the wolf as well if you can. If it’s just a normal wolf (not a greater) you might also be able to ram it with a horse to push it into the palisades a little bit, but knocking it too far will have it return to its normal spot.

Failing that (and depending on your location) you might try to kite an enemy back to the base and get the wolf to aggro on it. If it’s possible, you should try to place the palisade exactly where the wolf was standing so that when it returns it’ll run itself directly into the spikes.

Good luck :+1:


My wife and I were playing on a ps4 pve server last year someone left over a hundred thralls and pets along the beach for weeks I tried getting creative with palisades would only kill human followers not animal’s or creatures. Hey welcome to the Forum.

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