Noob Leveling Just After Level 20

So I got off the island (feeling super OP) but now on the continent almost every quest involves travel to/through zones packed with much higher level mobs you can not avoid.

So what’s the best way to solo level, ignore the quests and just do around killing mobs your own or slightly higher level?

I am talking strictly solo PVE, I am a way too crappy player to think about dungeons and other group modes.

Also is there a source with a good overview of the world map, each zone and the travel points? When NPC’s offer quests, I have no idea where the objective is, the level of mobs there, or how to get there.

To start what race are you and class ? Stygian have khopsef starting area cimmerian have Connell valley and Aquilonia have wild lands they should get you to lvl 30/35 then after that is field of the dead thunder river and egolophian mountains and atzels approach to get you to 80 destiny quests are lvl 30 50 60 and 80 ohh and lvl 40 you can do gateway of Khitai! Quests should be littered all over these zones

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This site has an overview of all areas in AoC: AoC Maps

Though there are no quests listed or shown.

Each of the low level areas (Conalls Valley, Khopshef Province and Wild Lands of Zelata) should have enough quests to get you to a level 33+ without having to travel through other areas.
These areas are quiet large so without a mount it might feel a bit slow at first but at level 40 where you are able to buy a mount you will feel the pace increase a lot.
Honestly though, I would try not to rush the leveling process too much because there are lots of interesting stories and areas to discover, on level 80 most of that falls away and moves to a grindy gameplay loop.

Group dungeons on lower levels are rare and the people who want to do them even rarer, most just want to do it for the achievement (purist, doing all dungeons with a character in their appropriate level range). There are some people who want to coordinate groups though and they are probably happy to have someone join them even if they are inexperienced. Low level dungeons are rather easy in terms of mechanics, you just need enough people. You also might learn a few tricks on how to play your Character better.

“but now on the continent almost every quest involves travel to/through zones packed with much higher level mobs you can not avoid.”

That really doesn’t make any sense. I’ll use the Stygian path as an example:

  • You leave Tortage and go to Khemi
  • There are quests IN Khemi you can do like; finding a lost message, running the animal contract, look for a lost buddy, get the guy some ale etc…
  • Then there are the quests that send you elsewhere; 2 guys in the souk that send you to the follow on zone of Khopsef Providence, that’s the direct vector quest to the next Stygian questing area.
  • Then you do have vector quests to all the other questing areas; the priest has you tracking down a coffin > to old Tant, The guy on the waterfront with his ‘drink’ > to Gateway to Khitai and Furs? > Conanh Village.

The thing is I can’t think of any quests that would have you travel to/through zones packed with much higher level mobs you can not avoid …

(OK just thought of one; you get the wine delivery quest to Old Tant and go through it ((totally safe)) and give the wine to a guy just inside the Noble District. Now HE wants you to take it to the Tavern which would have you going through very hostile territory. The thing is you just take the quest and save it until later, there’s no time limit on how long you can wait to do a quest).

The quest progression is pretty much set up as 'finish this zone, here’s the vector to the next zone. Now granted the farther you get in, you’ll sometimes get quests to the other edge of the map, but you work your way questing over to them, not try to ignore what’s in between.

This might help: Quest/leveling guide - starting mainland

Thanks for the resource tip.

I guess I was over-reacting, At level 20 I got two quests where the objective was at the end of Conal Valley which is filled mostly mobs at levels 25-30.

Here is a map with all zones, how they are connected and their levels.

Also you can see all of this on your world map, but not that convinient.

That is fantastic! This game is really old school in terms of maps, the game gives you the bare minimum, and it takes players to create maps like this one.

I was getting totally confused, this will help a lot! Thanks!