Not able to create standing torch or add warpaint!

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Hello I am playing on official us 3508 it’s a hit and miss I cannot create a standing torch from first day. Shows I have sticks but that I do not have a reg. Torch which I do and will not let me create the standing torch. Also I made warpaint but it will not let me apply it. Please look into these issues and fix please. Thank you. If anyone has suggestions let me know :slight_smile:

I use standing torches and play on official servers. When I first started using standing torches I made a similar mistake and could not craft them. It turns out I had crafted “IMPROVISED torches” and not a “torch” they look exactly the same but are different.

The war paint issue is a glitch that a bunch of people have pointed out. :confused:

Just looked, that’s what it was! Thank you!!!