Not appreciating Tokyo


okay so update.
i continued the story. finished my business with demons thanks to some other secret worlder’s help. hopefully never again. i like that Inbeda guy tho. or do i like his mask more? i dunno.
some of you mentioned horror elements and when you said that i thought oh okay im familiar with that it might be fun its secret world anyway. but oh boy that carpark… i dont even wanna talk about it.

so long story short i generally loved egypt but cotsg was like a huge wall for me im sorry for all the enjoyable content that i just couldnt manage to find joy in. i guess i had very high expectations for tokyo comparing to cotsg and all the process leading to tokyo was awesome but those samurais and demons werent the welcome i’d like so it just broke my will a little. im glad i got through it now cause the journey from now on seems VERY interesting. i also took your advice on giving serious attention to the story especially in this zone (i already play story focused but still) so now hopefully i got it all figured out.

PS: oh i should’ve seen it coming guys. every topic about tokyo turns into was-aegis-really-necessary-discussion lol i knew it.

so about aegis from a new players pov:

i dont think theres something missing. like if-this-is-absent-i-cant-play-because-the-game-doesnt-make-sense kind of missing. but like idk i still havent finished the zone so dont know if my opinion changes but right now its all good.

however when you guys put it like that, it sure would make more sense storywise because i fcking trained specifically for this zone but its not different from any of the others.

but also if we think about technically i wouldnt prefer if it was implemented poorly and made gameplay annoying.


Yeah, I think that the secret world has taught us all a deep distrust of parking garages!


I’d say so far, you’re certainly right. It’s mostly some missions that would make more sense if AEGIS were still around, but where a new player probably wouldn’t realize.

There’s one notable exception in early Kaidan (where you take a trip to the sewers), and then there’s the Orochi Tower, where you’ll run into quite a bit of AEGIS-but-not-AEGIS content.

I think we’ll all be interested in hearing what you think of those missions.


To be honest, I always found more jarring the disappearance of Manufactory A and especially B, over AEGIS per se. A good chunk of storyline literally makes no sense without Manu B (from why we were in Tokyo in the first place, to Daimon and Emma’s true relevance, to a certain chat with a certain guy we have over the phone in SA).


I don’t agree. The additional story elements are pretty minor - yes, we get a bit more info on Emma, but it’s hardly key to the story progression.

We know why we’re in Kaidan, that was covered pretty extensively - like from the beginning of the game. MF and MFB gave a bit more about the cleanup once we’ve cleared the tower, and created some interesting potential for future plot lines. It was never an integral part to the story though, all it did was close off a few side stories. The amount of story content is pretty low though - two cutscenes, a couple of short video calls and a bit of information about the occupants of the facility from the lore. There’s nothing major.


Guess you haven’t been paying much attention to Daimon’ speech after MB then.


Fairly sure that you mean after MF, the cutscene for the start of MFB. And yeah, that’s about the cleanup job. It gives a bit more detail about what was going on but again, it doesn’t have any massive impact on any of the rest of the story.

All it does is confirm that there’s a Gaia Engine under the tower and that Emma’s using it to clean up Kaidan. Which is a great reveal, lots of potential, but it doesn’t change much. The bomb is not tied to this detail.