Not gaining XP?

Yesterday when I got up 60 lv i stuck in 7,259,529 / 7,619,025 Now for some reason I am not gaining any Xp at all no matter what I am doing… idk what to do is that a some bug or ?


Welcome to the community and the game. Lvl 60 is the last lvl you will get. You just reach the endgame, yet this is exactly the point the game begins. Now you can craft everything in the game as long you got the recipe for it.
Now it is time to Dominate my dear exile, reward your self with an epic set of armor, capture a good named fighter and travel the world without fears, the world is yours.
Don’t forget… Bedrolls are your best friends, if you’re about to walk in unknown lands, no matter the equipment and the skills, you might got your self surprised, so put Bedrolls and you will save your self from a lot of frustration :wink:

In order to change your attribute points consume a yellow lotus potion.
In order to gain more feat points, some bosses, or tiny chests grant you fragments of power, consume them and you will get 10 feat points per fragment. DO NOT USE THE YELLOW POTION FOR FEAT POINTS, we have several reports from players that use it and lost a lot of knowledge that it shouldn’t be lost. Either way fragments is the best way because feats are so many that you will be really confused to what you really need :wink:.
Last but not least is the tablet of power. In exile lands you learn it from the archivist library and in Siptah drops on the Grey pools from bosses. A tablet of power will grand you 60 feat points at once, so this is a good objective for hunting knowledge :wink:.

As I told you to the beginning, the game just started, have fun m8 :+1:t6:


No don’t use yellow lotus potion if you want to reset your attribute points. The potion reset both attributes AND feats points and is actually bugged. There is two other potions which reset only attributes points for one, Potion of Bestial memory not bugged, and reset only feats points for the other, Potion of natural learning bugged too. Both are acquired with the Midnight Alchimist feat.


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