Not wanting to get suspended again

i do feel a better idea of what funcom considers landclaim abuse is needed… now i see an issue that there are those players who would intentionally push the limits to see what they can get away with if they did state their exact expectations or some kickback from the community if it seems to strict but to give little to no real guidlines i feel is a bit of a “scapegoat” situation… a player playing within normal guidlines having been on a server for a long time could suddenly be reported by another player and get wiped and banned for “landclaim abuse” when no other player on the server has ever had a problem because the new player wanted that spot… or the other way around a player comes to a server where players have gotten along well no problems and this new player starts building walls wherever they feel like it… they get reported and nothing happens because they are within the HIDDEN landclaim abuse values… so some sort of real statistics is really needed for official servers. even if there are a few things left in the shadows most of the stuff that can get you banned with land claim stuff should be freely excessable to the playerbase

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You mean @Umborls ? Yeah, I think he’s trying to address a few things and he’s also communicating - even if a few people don’t like how or what he’s saying. So that’s all very positive IMO! I’m waiting to see what if anything, actually comes of it.

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I have to disagree with this one. I mean, yes Funcom might just ban you for doing that. But if Funcom doesn’t want people building on top of world boss spawns then they should make that a No Build area. Not this “Suprise Muth*****er!!” crap they’re doing right now where they blow up a base and the player doesn’t know what they did wrong.


Don’t want to get banned or your base destroyed? How much time do you take the server and others players into account with your building design? If you say 0, you are at significant risk. If you don’t want said responsibility, find a private server.

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LOL! there is no option here. Dont build on boss spawns…period. Do so and risk being banned.Your choice.

Is that in the offical rules somewhere, “don’t build on a boss spawn?”

Is it here in the terms of conduct or the land claim abuse section anywhere?

And I mean an actual rule that states that. Not some other vague rule that you kinda sorta stretch to maybe sort of apply to this as well.

Because if it’s not, then you’re just projecting what YOU think should be a rule. AKA “you’re just making this up as you go.”

And do you not see the logic behind this?

  1. Make a world boss
  2. Put world boss in a build-able area of land.
  3. Ban anyone who builds to close to boss

This might make sense to someone who’s played the game for awhile and knows where each world boss is and how land claims disable resource and npc spawning.

But to somebody who’s new to the game or doesn’t know better? A little extreme don’t you think?
Especially when the solution is as easy as making a world boss area a No-Build area.

I’d really like to hear an official response from Funcom stating that it’s better to ban people for building on a world boss than to make the area No Build.

If I don’t see that anywhere, then you’re just making this up as you go.


" * Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, obelisks, resources and other areas of the game."

Just because you have the ability to do something doesn’t make it right to do so. Your game ethics shouldn’t be dictated by ability but about what type of game you are wanting and hopefully they are in agreement with the server’s desired play style.

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You’re conflating official servers and the entire game design again. People can build wherever they want on their own server or singleplayer. Emphasis on their own. Official servers are a public space, but not the only space the game was designed for. Just follow the rules instead of trying to nitpick semantics and trying to bend the game to what you want


I say…

And then you say…

It’s like you didn’t even read it. Where does it say “don’t build near a world boss”?

Don’t try to make some other rule apply to this. Where does it say “don’t build near a world boss?”

You’re just reinforncing my point. Dungeons and Obelisks are NO BUILD areas. You can’t build on top of them.
So why are world bosses in buildable areas that you can get banned for building too close? Why aren’t they no No-Build area’s as well?

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World bosses are content in the game and provides access to legendary items. So yes it’s enforceable. Now by the debateable aspect would be is any landmark also considered “content”. This would mean popular areas like Crevice and Heliograph Heights are no longer available which I don’t believe was the intent and that should be clarified somewhat. But world bosses…come on. There has to be a level of common sense here else the argument could apply to things like skybases as well and since they haven’t fixed it, then it should be perfectly fine to do so. Which it isn’t.

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I must disagree. Saying that building near a world boss is common sense is like a mechanic saying that changing the spark plugs is common sense. It’s only common sense for people who know what they are doing.

Building a skybase? You really have to know what you are doing to pull that off. Unlike building near a world boss, nobody is going to do that by accident.

Well apparently if you build a small village near your base you are violating the TOS by blocking a build area because we all know how people love to build right next to each other, and god forbid we do not let them.
It always amazes me how there are so many great build areas on the map and yet, somebody comes along and plops some ugly sandstone monstrosity right next to a nice base. If FC truly believed in the “spirit” of the game, they would extend the zone of control of the builds further out.


The key word in the TOS is « such as ». World boss are part of « game content »

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So are rocks, trees, and bushes. Scenic views can be considered part of « game content » as well. At what point do the vague rules begin, and where do they stop?

Fact of the matter is that it doesn’t say not to build on a world boss in the TOS. There’s no official answer from Funcom on this. Only a bunch of people on a forum claiming they know the rules better than a bunch of other people on the forum.

My argument still stands. If Funcom thinks it’s against the rules to build on a world boss then why isn’t the world boss location a No Build area?


Oh please- its bad enough they have to say in plain english about what you should do AND provide screenshots for you and take you by the hand.

They even tell you to read the terms of service now on every server when you login so being a noob isnt an excuse.

Being playing since beta consistently with my own server. So i know where all the spawns are.

And at what point do you not comprehend that you are arguing in bad faith? If you can in any way compare a rock, tree or bush to a world boss then you have lost sight of reality for the sake of “trying to win the argument”.

And this has been explained to you before, even if you don’t like the answer.

THAT IS WHY! Because the ToS are designed for Official servers. Why continue to punish people on solo / offline as well as private servers by continuously making more and more and more of the map “no build zones” just to satisfy your refusal to understand that building in a spot that de-spawns a world boss is against the ToS and is a ban-able offense (which Funcom has already banned people for doing so thus your argument is irrelevant because their own actions have proven this to be the case).


Because no build zones are sledgehammer fixes that stop creative building. There are huge patches of no build zones in Siptah that have nothing to do with content and appear to be designed for really cool builds but can’t because the content protected no build zone near it prevent any building.

You are responsible for what you do, not FC. Don’t like these vague ToS, go to private servers. It’s ok to simply acknowledge officials aren’t your thing and FC has to regulate the servers so that new players can experience the game.


I dont think you guys understand why players picked officals over coop and private. Personally I do not truest private admins with power trips and coop is boring without showing or testing your bases. They should just make a officals with no rules compare to a server with rules and see which gets and stays populated longer.

I repeat I rather deal with undermesher, ddoser and pork thralls instead of Tos gray rules that the punishment is way to extreme compare to the rest.


They already have that data, and for anyone who’s watched the population on a month to month basis. Their rules in the last year have had no negative effect. Arguably its had a positive one.

To say otherwise is to claim that the number of new players far exceeds that of the ones who have left. That requires faith that I don’t personally have.

But if you want a no rules official server, a few official-likes exist. Ran by people who want exactly what you want and have promised no admin interaction. Their word is as good as yours.

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it’s incredible to me that some people are still tryin to defend funcom when funcom wipes builds like this

@Umborls srs question you ever play this game on official pvp? pls live stream your game play im so curious on how you play